CME Sit-Down: Sound Quelle

CME Sit-Down:  Sound Quelle

Sound Quelle is a project of Russian musician, Valery Lebedev from the city of Togliatti. In his works, Sound Quelle focuses on a beautiful harmonious music in combination with moderately aggressive lines bass. This year is one that will change the game for Valery, as it saw him release his debut album "Iridescent". With 12 tastefully done tracks, this is one that we've been looking forward to catch. We use this opportunity to sit down with Valery to talk about all things "Iridescent", his influences and a lot more!
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1) Hi Valery! It’s great to be speaking with you! How has 2019 been treating you till date? 

Hello and thanks for having me in your interview! This year has started just great - I can't complain at all.

2) Congratulations on releasing your debut album “Iridescent”! How had the response to the album been till date? 
Thanks for your kind words! The reaction on my album so far is good: it was launched just a couple of weeks ago, but has already received a lot of positive feedback. It's also great for me to see that the fans didn't just highlight a few tracks from my LP, but enjoy the album in its entirety.

3) We see you collaborate with Brandon Mignacca for two tracks in the album. How did it happen? And how was the experience working with Brandon?

I started to work with Brandon a few years ago. Our first joint release was "Andromeda". Since then I realized I needed to create something more ambitious with him, for example, a few tracks for the album - and that's exactly what we did! There's a great chemistry between us: we understand each other easily even though we live on the different continents and have never met face to face. Usually I just send him a new demo, and a week or two later he gets back to me with a track which is 99% done. All in all, I really enjoy collaborating with him. 



4) You hail from Russia. What is the music scene there like? And how has it influenced your sound?

EDM culture has been noticeably growing and evolving in Russia during the last decade and I love that, because I get more and more invites to the electronic music festivals and club events - either as a headliner or a guest. This is really inspiring!
5) Who would you cite as your major influences musically? And why? 

I've been enjoying RÜFÜS DU SOL and Luttrell a lot recently - they release high-quality and very melodic material. 

6) If you could have any artist remix one track from your album, which track and artist would you pick and why?

I'd love to hear a Lane 8 remix of "Thimbu"; I'm a big fan of his warm and deep sound. 

7) Which is one track on the album that took the maximum amount of time or processing to ideate and produce? How did you go about it?

I don't think any of the tracks on the album "held" me for too long, to be honest. There were no troubles at all - simply because I had a strict and clear plan to write an album, so my mood and flow of creativity were especially strong and positive. Everything worked out quick and easy.

8) What does the rest of 2019 hold in store for you? 
There will be a lot of new singles and EPs coming out this year from me, and in the end of 2019, I plan to release one more big LP. Stay tuned! :) 

BY Shivani Murthy

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