CME Sit-Down: Kasper Koman

CME Sit-Down:  Kasper Koman

Yet another soul lost to the world of synths. This soul wanders around by the name of Kasper Koman. Hailing from the very middle of the Netherlands, Kasper has been working on his sound for quite some time, traversing many genres, resulting in a unique blend of happiness, darkness and emotions. He has established a unique signature as a designer of infectious beats, syncopated rhythms and impelling melodies. With support from the likes of Guy Mantzur, Khen, Guy J, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Navar, Sonic Union, Marc Poppcke, Tim Engelhardt, D-Nox, BOg, Chicola and many others this man is starting to make quite a name for himself as a producer. Prior to his India tour, we sit down with this talented man to discuss all things music and a lot more. Read on!




Hello Kasper, welcome to India. How are you doing?

Thank you! Doing well!




Finally, your debut India tour is happening. How do you feel about it? What are you looking forward to on this tour?

It's amazing this is happening, have been looking forward to this as you can imagine. It feels a little crazy that through music people are getting excited enough to get me all the way over here haha. I got some messages from India and they were all super kind, makes me feel really welcome. I'm excited to see India for the first time, meeting my buddies from Juicebox Music and, of course, play some good music.




Your music on Lost & Found has garnered a phenomenal response. How did your association with the label come about?

I handed Guy J a USB stick once at a party after his set (with tracks that later got rejected haha). But kept in touch and sent more music in the next year or two. Once I sent 'Hi' I suddenly got the thumbs up. It was fantastic to join the label I'd been a fan of since its inception which hosted so many of my favourite artists, truly incredible to become a part of that and get their support.







Who would you cite as your influences in the progressive scene? How drastically do they influence your sound?

You have the usual suspects like Guy J, he obviously gets a lot of praise but rightfully so. His sets are consistently good and even though his sound is very recognisable his productions are forward-thinking and keep surprising me. Safe to say that has had its influence on me. I watch the Lost & Found community closely like Khen, Guy Manztur, Roy Rosenfeld, Budakid, Marino Canal, and the rest, always exciting to see what they do. But I get a lot of inspiration from outside the typical progressive scene as well. The techno scene in Germany is developing with more and more progressive elements. And I love to listen to the more minimal stuff. Labels like Giegling or Nous'klaer. Or sometimes music without beats at all (shocker). Hard to answer questions like these 100%, you never know where inspiration might come from. I love how in progressive I feel the freedom to get influenced by different genres and combine the parts I love into my music.




If you had the opportunity to remix one classic track, which one would you pick and why?

Tough one! Maybe something from Underworld or some film music would be very cool to do. Ask me again in 10 years, we'll see if it happened.




You were recently announced to play at Guy J's ‘We Are Lost Festival’. Congratulations for that! What are you looking forward the most to during your debut there?

Thanks! It's in Amsterdam at one of my own favourite venues, close to where I live. That means friends of my own can easily tag along, spending a day like that with them in the sun (hopefully, you never know in the Netherlands) will be very nice. It's a cherry on top I get to play some new music myself and goof around with the rest of the Lost & Found crew. 




Could you tell us more about your relationship with the folks over at Juicebox Music?

I've been keeping in touch with Praveen for about a year now, soon a remix for Monojoke on Juicebox Music was set up. It's always a pleasure to talk to these guys, always friendly and enthusiastic. Amazing these digital connections now result in something like this India tour. Can't wait to meet them. 







Is there something about your professional or personal life you really want to change in 2019 and why?

Eat more peanut butter, just because. 


Make sure you catch Kasper durting his India Tour this weekend in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Stay tuned to our social media for some Live Updates from the shows.

BY Rahul Rane

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