CME Sit-down with Krewella

CME Sit-down with Krewella

Krewella have been taking over the dance music scene ever since they started out way back in 2007 winning hearts the world over with their heavy bass filled tracks and melodious voices which has now helped them build a fan base filled with loyal fans who they affectionately call the "Krew". Although they've been through a lot in the past couple of years they are now back and have released their highly anticipated EP titled "Ammunition" and have also just finished touring north America promoting the EP but even with their busy schedule of playing shows all over the world and having to deal with their studio sessions Jahan and Yasmine took sometime off to sit down and have a small chat with us check out the interview below!

1. Hi Jahan, Hi Yasmine first of all a big Hi from all your fans in India. You have previously toured India, How was that experience for you?

The experience was amazing and we can't wait to come back! It felt so close to home since we are half-Pakistani and relate to the culture so closely.

2. Krewella has gone through a whole new transformation lately from a new logo to incorporating a live setup to your performances to the new sound that you have premiered in the Ammunition EP. What else do you have in store for us?

We've just finished the Sweatbox Tour and have so much new and exciting stuff coming up. We'll definitely be releasing another song and video before 2016 is done, and 2017 is going to bring a ton of new music, new merch, tours, etc.

3. You recently released your new EP titled 'Ammunition' and its completely different from the usual Krewella sound that we have previously been hearing from you, what brought the change in the new sound? What we're your inspirations?

We've always wanted to evolve over time into an alternative dance music sound, incorporating more live instruments into our songs, sounds from our Pakistani roots, and more in depth song-writing. Our childhood growing up on everything from Bollywood music to rock n roll to new wave has inspired us tremendously.

4. Since starting out Krewella has headlined some of the biggest music festivals in the world, What was the one thing that gave you that push or breakthrough should we say that you needed to get to where you are today?

I would say that our bond as family kept us moving through all the highs and lows that trying to "make it" can bring. We have an amazing team behind us that is also basically our family and they've helped us in so many unimaginable ways as well.

5. When you started out there weren't many female DJ's as there are today what we're the difficulties that you faced to get to where you are today?

Honestly, we try very hard not to focus on the differences that gender brings to the table in the entertainment industry. Yes there are the obvious issues and stigmas that are inherent with being a women specifically in the dance music scene, but it's best to acknowledge the issue and then continue forging your path to break barriers down.


6. You have recently finished touring north America how was that experience? Will we see the sweatbox tour taking off to other places anytime soon?

It was our favorite tour we've ever done! I think the Sweatbox Tour was a one-time thing, but we will be expanding and evolving the concept more over the next few months and years and we'll definitely bring it to other continents.


7. We know that you are pretty close to your fanbase the ?Krew? and having travelled all over the world and met a ton of them do you have any particular moments that have stood out for you?

When we get handwritten letters from fans, that's usually what means the most to us! We keep every single one of them and cherish the words that our krew pour out to us.


8. The Krew here in India or the ?DesiKrew? as you love to call them, are anxiously waiting for you to tour India once again. Do you have any plans for a tour of India in the near future?

Yes! Hopefully we can announce something very soon :)

Rapid fire:

1.Favourite Indian food.

Gulab Jamen, Parathas, Chicken Biryani.

2.Most prized possession.

Our dog, Scarlet! Not like a living thing is a possession, but she is more important than any possession we own.


3.Person you look up to the most.

Our parents.


4.Best piece of advice that you have received till date.

Never underestimate the power of kindness.


We certainly hope to see them return and cannot wait for their announcement. With festival season just around the corner who knows we might just happen to see their names up there on one of the lineups! ;)


BY Willis Rosario

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