CME Sit-down with Adrian Hour

CME Sit-down with Adrian Hour

A rising star on Mark Knight's record label, Adrian Hour, kicks off his maiden India tour tonight at antiSOCIAL Khar. Adrian has been a force to reckon with since last year and has been producing some stellar tracks. Before the Argentinian began his tour, we invited him for a sit-down with us. We spoke to him about his journey with Toolroom Records, his extensive touring and about dance music in general. Read all about it and more below.


Q1) Given that this is your debut India Tour, what mindset do you come with? What are your expectations? How do you think will be the experience?

I have great expectations about India, lots of friend artists told me amazing things about the crowd I'm this country so I'm so excited for my debut. I bet the experience will be positive whatever will be the result when you know a new country and culture.

Q2) You have been heralded as 'The Best New Techno Producer' by Mark Knight many times. How does it feel to receive such kind words from someone you grew up idolzing?

And that's because I love him hahah.How does it feel? Amazing of course, there is no words to explain such a good feeling.


Q3) It has been 3 years since your first release on Toolroom Records, how has the journey been so far? How is Mark Knight as a label boss?

The journey has been positive and progressive all the time, there is no end talking about music. Mark is a machine as a label boss but first an amazing person and friend.

Q4) The boom in the Techno and Tech House genre has been tremendous. Has it reached its full potential yet?

That's a very difficult question to answer to be honest, nobody knows the future of the music, sometimes we think we know what's going on and then the direction change to another world. The heavy metal was so big a few years ago and now it is not anymore. But I personally think the house and techno are in its full potential right now.

Q5) With so many up and coming producers along with the stalwarts in the Techno genre, what is that one element you choose to keep your sound different from other artists?

I think it could be the way to make a track and not a specific sound. Some artists just keep the same kick and bass line to create their "style" but I think it is the way to make it, and the musical taste we have in our subconscious. In my case is the groove, mental feeling and the positive energy. It could be techno or house, but that vibe would be the same


Q6) With the DJ Mag polls around the corner, what is your take on the same? How relevant are they to establish an artists's talent/potential?

I think Dj Mag polls could be relevant just for their followers of course, but I don't think it can establish an artists's talent/potential. It can help of course but u think It depends just on the artist and personal promotion.

Q7) Quick Fire -

1. Ronaldo or Messi? -Messi of course

2. Pizza or Burger? - Burger ;)

3. Open Air Festivals or Underground Clubs? - Both haha open air festival at first place

4. 3 Tracks that define 2016 for you?


  • James xx - Loud Places feat. Romy (John Talabot Higher remix)

  • Patrick Baumel - Surge

  • Adrian hour - Like this


5. One artist you would love to collaborate with?- Kolsch,

You can catch Adrian Hour live at Euriska in Pune on the 11th of this month, the party kicks off at 7PM so be sure to head over there nice and early.


BY Willis Rosario

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