CME Sit-Down : Javier Portilla

CME Sit-Down : Javier Portilla

Born in Costa Rica and raised between paradisiacal beaches and mystical forests, Javier Portilla is part of the new wave of young producers where the least important is putting genres to the music but making the people dance and smile by creating unforgettable atmospheres at the dancefloors when DJing. Last week, Juicebox Music broughtJavier for an India Tour whichsaw him spread some madness on the dancefloor in Bangalore and will see him play in Guwahati and New Delhi this weekend. We caught up with Javier for a little chat last weekend. Read the full interview below.




Hello Javier, welcome to India. Had you ever thought that you would one day play half way across the world? How does it feel?



Never ever in my life. Specially India, which for me is for me one of the most incredible and inspirational cultures. It's hard for me to put it in words, I am so happy and grateful to finally be here.



Growing up in the beautiful country of Costa Rica, you moved to Spain quite early in your career. What prompted this move and how has it helped you as an artist?



Even if I love Costa Rica so much, being based in Barcelona makes it easier to travel to play gigs in different cities of the world.



You have never restricted or labelled yourself under a specific genre. With each of your productions floating between different genres, could you tell us you though process when you are producing a track?




I continually received that question: Which genre do you play? I simply don't know. I love deep, I love acid, I love tech so I just go with the flow and do what I feel is going to help to make a connection with the dancefloor.



You are also a label boss and Moonchild Records have been doing a great job in churning out some absolutely spell binding tracks. What are the key markers that you look out for before you sign a track to your label?




Well, we don't release music too often as you may notice. We prefer to have just a few releases per year but really good ones. We like to invest on our artists so we sign only tracks that we really love and enjoy no matter which genre is.



Some artists prefer to stick to a single genre and sometimes the music starts to feel monotonous. What are your views on that? Do you encourage artists to step out of their comfort zones and experiment?



Definitely evolve is key. I am not one of those djs who think that dance scene back in the days was better than now. You need to have the capacity to adapt and embrace the present and use it on your favor.





Your tracks have received support from quite a few industry legends like Guy J, Sasha, and more. Could you tell us how you feel when these artists play your tracks in their sets or their podcasts?



It is always a very good feeling, as I grew listening to them, whenever one of your heroes play or chart one of your songs it gives you inspiration to keep improving.



What inspires Javier and his music?



The smile of the people when you play the right track at the right moment, the hugs between friends during those moments of happiness and joy. For me that is magic.



Tell us more about the dance music culture in Costa Rica.



It is great. People really know about electronic music, let's say it's a well educated audience. There is a nice underground scene as well as festivals and massive events. By far my favorite is Envision Festival, which is a yoga, art and music festival that happens every february in the pacific jungle there. It is a very surreal and magical place.





Could you tell us about your association with Juicebox Music? Is there something coming up in the future?



We are cooking something special, keep an eye on it ;)


Fast Five



3 Things you always carry with you while touring.
2 cell phones in case one get lost or something, a black tourmaline pendant and a nice picture of my 3 dogs.



The last played track on your iPhone/iPod.
Lips by The XX



Butter Chicken or Sushi
I'm vegan so If I have to choose I'll go for vegan sushi. But definitely Indian food is one of my favorites.



Go-Karting or Paintball
I'm really bad at Go-Karting. Definitely Paintball.



Interstellar or La La Land
Haven't seen La La Land and I loved Interstellar, so option 1.





Catch Javier at Junkyard Cafe, New Delhi on the 27th andNyx Lounge & Deck in Guwahati on the 28th of January.



Follow Javier : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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