Dexterous duo Artur and Batish, recognized better by the apellation, ARTBAT, have been extremely instrumental in putting Ukraine on the global techno map. Within a couple of years ARTBAT worked their way to the top of the charts and they currently are the best - selling artists on the Beatport Melodic House & Techno Charts worldwide. Their music doesn’t only do well in the charts but also on some of the world’s biggest stages. The key to ARTBAT’s success lies within their powerful and inventive sound of the highest quality. Their tracks have an impressive capacity to fuel both intimate dance floors and huge arenas with energy and drive. Prior to their India tour, we had the opportunity to sit down with them for a short discussion about their music, the labels they release on, the scene on the whole and a lot more! Read on!


1. Welcome back to India guys, how are you doing? How excited are you for the India Tour?

Thanks for having us and the warm welcome. We’re absolutely fine and relaxed. Spent last week in the studio, working on new music and had a weekend off. And to be honest, that was needed after all the tours from the past month. Just came back from our two weeks USA Tour.

But now its time to hit the road again and we’re super excited to come back to India. Our first tour last year was incredible.


2. Your productions have a very strong cosmic element to them with sacred chants and dark melodies. What inspires these tracks? What is the story you want to tell to your listeners?

Well - this is ARTBAT sound. We love to play around with melodies. Important for us is to produce music that we’re able to play ourselves live. Our music is created to make people dance, enjoy themselves on the dance floor and share the love with others. We want to see people smile, as this gives us the best inspiration possible for upcoming productions.

We want to produce bangers. People need to remember us.



3. Could you tell us more about your upcoming music? Which labels are you planning to release music in 2019?

Ohhhh this is exciting ))) We have a lot of upcoming music. March 18th is the next release with our dear friend Matador on his own imprint Rukus. It’s gonna be a two track collaboration EP called “Apollo 11”. After that we’re honored to be part of Watergate 26 - the mix includes two tracks with ARTBAT & WhoMadeWho. And on April 18th we are releasing the singles of course on Watergate. May 17th we did a remix for the amazing Monolink.

It’s not getting boring. We can assure that.

4. You guys met at an underground music gig in Kiev and it’s been an amazing partnership since then. What have been some of the highlights of your career as a duo?

First of all, it’s been amazing to share all these moments with your friend. This would be half as good, if you couldn’t share the success with someone. The last two years have been crazy - with some outstanding milestones for us. We’re now #1 #2 #3 #4 #6 in the Diynamic Top10 Charts. This is unbelievable. Upperground has been over five weeks #1 in the Beatport Top100.

We’ve the pleasure to tour around the world.... and see many new places. If we had to pick one highlight show from last year, then we have to pick Fusion Festival in Germany. We loved all about it. But there’s too many shows to name.



5. How did the recent collaboration with Dino Lenny for ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ come about?

We basically had two tracks ready for our follow up EP on Diynamic (Upperground and Atlas), but Solomun and us thought that their is a third track missed to round up the EP. As you know we’ve worked with Dino already on “Sand In Your Shoes”. So we dropped him a message and asked if he had some new music. He sent us “Don’t Bring Me Down” and we loved it. We then sat together in the studio - did some fine tuning and DBMD was ready to conquer the world. It’s been a pleasure to work with such a talented musician.





6. You have always been vocal about your love for Diynamic Records. Now that you have released music on the label how does it feel? How was it working with the Diynamic team?

It was always a dream to release on Diynamic since day one. An absolut honor of course to work with such a structured and determined family as Diynamic is. Solomun supported us from early days and we have to say a big thanks for his trust in us.


7. After touring around the world in the last couple of years, which are some of your favourite clubs to play at?

There’s too many to mention. We love to play in the Middle East. The vibe and atmosphere in the clubs there is outstanding. Especially the latest gig we did at The Grand Factory in Beirut - Lebanon was special. Can’t wait to be back in Beirut on July 13th to play AHM. We heard the venue is exceptional. But as said there’s too many venues..... Chi by Decadence House in Kiev, Forum Israel, DC10 Ibiza, Kafes Istanbul and many more.


8. As an artist gains success it becomes equally important for them to give back to the scene they grew up on. Having played separately in Kiev for many years, do you have something in mind for the scene there? Maybe help other young talent by guiding them?

We’re always very supportive to local talent. You can see what monster we built with our home base Chi by Decadence House in Kiev. Of course we have ideas and see what we can do in the near or far future.


9. If you had to pick 3 artists you feel will do great in 2019 who would you pick?

Difficult question, as it depends on many factors. We also have too many friends in the industry and don’t want to upset anyone :)

BY Gajodhar

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