CME Sit-Down : Ookay

CME Sit-Down : Ookay

Ookay is a California-based musician who has made quite the name for himself on the Global Electronic Dance Music Scene in a very short time. With festival appearances around the globe, releases on multiple labels and a highly successful world tour under his belt, Ookay has been unstoppable in 2017. His down to earth attitude and a charming personality have made him a crowd favourite. He carries an unparalled energy onto the stage when he performs and the same is reciprocated by his fans. Recently, Ookay broke away from his usual trap and dubstep dominated sets and started a new Live project which saw him do a world tour with this Live show. His Live performance received phenomenal response from the crowd and was something truly unique. With a lot of time being spent in the studio and also on refining his Live show concept, Ookay is certainly planning to make 2018 a big one.


Ookay returns to India next week to play at Vh1 Supersonic in Pune. His fans are beyond excited to see him and have been taking to social media to show their love. We had a chat with Ookay to find out what he has in store for his fans in 2018 and also spoke about his dream collaborations and his music.



Hey Abraham, how have you been? It’s a pleasure to talk to you. We absolutely enjoyed your set last time you were in India. How was your experience of the India Tour?


Oh man that left a mark on my soul forever in a great way! So excited to be back with new friends and looking forward to a great crowd!



One of the key reasons behind your success is your exceptional branding. It’s not easy to miss ‘Brand Ookay’ if you are an electronic dance music fan. How important do you think is branding for an artist?


I think it plays a very important role in setting your music apart from other artists. It is a crucial tool to take your music and make it into a lifestyle.



What would you say are the three things that set you apart from other artists around you?


The first thing that comes to mind is my new live show that just debuted in the US. With my album coming out featuring a lot of songs written outside the traditional EDM format, I plan to push the boundaries of my music and continue exploring where we can take it. My background musically comes from a lot of funk and soul and I think my influences can be unique in this music scene I put an enormous amount of effort into having high-energy shows and I’d like to think my stage presence has become something that is truly unique to my music and fans.



You are pretty active on social media and often engage your fans on your social media pages. How do you manage to take out the time to do that?


Most people don’t realize how much time DJs spend traveling, luckily that gives me lots of time to connect and have fun with fans on the road.





Your sets often wander across a lot of different spectrums of dance music. What is your track selection process like when you are playing at a club or a festival?


I love all kinds of music, so I dig all over the place for the tracks I play. I like to find new stuff from unknown producers and established producers alike to keep my shows fresh and fun for us all.



You have collaborations with A-trak, Borgore, Showtek, Marshmello, Getter and many more. Who would be your dream collaboration?


It would be fun to work with someone outside the dance music world, maybe an artist like Robert Glasper or someone like that. Ill bet we could make a cool song. Or the Spice Girls. Yeah, The Spice Girls for sure.





In 2 weeks you will be playing at India’s Premier Dance Music Festival, Vh1 Supersonic. How excited are you about that? Any message to your Indian Fans?


I am so stoked! To all my Indian fans: Can’t wait to turn up with you at Supersonic!



Fast Five :


Shakespeare or Picasso



An Underwater Festival or a set in a Hot Air Balloon

Underwater Festival


Baseball or American Football



Biryani or Spaghetti



3 Artists to watch out for in 2018

Nitty Gritty, Laxx, YDG. Bonus: Morgan Freeman



You can get your tickets for Vh1 Supersonic HERE and catch Ookay in action.

BY Rahul Rane

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