CME Sit-Down : Jeremy Olander

CME Sit-Down : Jeremy Olander

Jeremy Olander has a unique bond with India and his Indian Fans since his debut performance here in 2013. India has been on Jeremy's annual touring schedule since then and every show has been packed. 


With an ever-growing demand from other esteemed outlets, Jeremy’s had several chart-topping dispatches on some of the most coveted labels on the scene. Examples range from Eric Prydz’s Pryda, who he also recorded a shortlisted BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix with, Spanish power-house Suara, microCastle, major Atlantic Records, UK behemoth Anjunadeep and John Digweed’s Bedrock, where he released the ‘Last Dance’ EP together with Knee Deep In Sound cohort Cristoph. The EP went straight to #1 on Beatport and was one of Bedrock’s best-selling releases of 2017.


His Suara track ‘Panorama’, part of the ‘Talespin’ EP, recently clocked in an impressive 365 straight days on the Beatport Top 100 Progressive chart and has blown passed 1.2 million streams on Spotify. His remix for Sailor & I has surpassed 1.3 million streams on Spotify, topped Beatport and became the best performing remix in the pack despite heavy competition. 2018 has had Olander’s touring schedule filled to the brim with notable shows at marquee clubs and festivals around the globe, including Sydney’s Electric Gardens, Montreal’s Stereo, London’s Steelyard, Labyrinth Open in Croatia, Woobar in Bali, Vivrant showcases at 1,100 capacity venues Jet in Buenos Aires and Kraken in Stockholm, a Berlin debut at Chalet as well as a slew of sold out Vivrant at Sea boat parties in Toronto, New York and Boston.



We had a chat with Jeremy ahead of his upcoming India Tour which will see him play shows in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Read the full interview below.


Hello Jeremy, how have you been? It’s been a year since your last India Tour, what would you say have been some of the highlights of this year?


Hi, I’ve been good thanks. It's been a busy year, both professionally and on a personal level, so it’s hard to pick some highlights. I’d have to say the 3+ week trip I took to with the family to South Korea, Australia and Bali when I played there. It's really a blessing when you get to combine work and vacation, which is not always the case. But that one was great. There have also been a great number of shows that have been highlights too. We have done a string of Vivrant shows around the world that have all been great which really motivates us to take them further and develop the concept.


You have had stunning releases on Vivrant, Anjunadeep and now Last Night On Earth. You are as unstoppable as always. What is the key to this consistency?


Haha, thank you. I can only speak for myself, but I think keeping yourself inspired is key. I have times when I’m not really feeling any new music or my own for that matter and writing music during a period like that is not enjoyable. I also think a constant desire to try out new things really helps out.


It’s been a while the world has seen Dhillon. Could you tell us a bit more about Dhillon’s story? Any plans to release more music under the Dhillon alias?


I came up with that when I was in a different place in terms of styles, but that line has become very blurred within the last couple of years so I just have to figure out where I would like to go with the Dhillon sound next for it to differentiate enough from stuff under my real name. There should be purposes for aliases to exist I think.



If you consider the last 5 years, have you made any significant changes to your production technique? Any notable change that you feel took your music one step ahead?


My studio setup hasn’t changed much since I started and I’m happy with it. Production technique-wise I have probably changed a bit. Like I mentioned earlier, I think a desire to try out new sounds and arrangements, maybe some new drum sounds I wouldn’t normally use. Things like that keeps it interesting and challenges me and the people in the clubs.


Vivrant has been doing really well since the launch. How difficult is it to run a record label while multitasking with your productions and tour schedule? How are you maintaining the balance?


It’s a difficult thing to balance for sure, but thankfully I have people helping me out with a lot of things so I can focus on the music side of things. Just writing music all day would make me go crazy after a while. The touring makes you miss home, so once you’re home you love it. And all the other tasks I have at home make me take a break from writing music, which makes me miss making music. It’s just a good balance.


You recently played an amazing B2B set with Guy J and it took us back to Vh1 Supersonic 2014 when the two of you played together. How does it feel to share the console with an industry stalwart like Guy J?


Its always a bit stressful right before you go on. I haven’t done nearly as many B2B sets as many others, but once you are up there it’s a lot of fun. It’s great to have someone select a song for you that you have to work with, because it makes you dig deeper into your library than usual, and maybe bring out something you haven’t played before.


Could you tell us more about your Leftwoods EP? What inspired the tracks and why you chose LNOE to release the music? Can we expect more music on the label in the future?


I would definitely love to release more stuff on the label if I can find the right track. Most of the stuff I make are for Vivrant but every 10-12 months I put something out someplace else, like Anjunadeep, Bedrock and now Last Night On Earth.



Over the years which have been some of the artists you have really enjoyed collaborating with and why?


I really only collaborated once and that was with Cristoph on the ‘Dimensions’ EP, which was released on Bedrock, and that came together very organically. We started sending DMs to each other and eventually that lead to a really nice collab. Personally I’d love to do more in the future, and have a few in that I’m currently working on that might see the light in 2019. One is with a new, Swedish artist called MOLØ. She is a really talented producer and DJ that I was really impressed by when she have played as an opener at one of our label shows and we ended up working together.


Fast Five

Chicken Tikka or Chicken Biryani?

Tough one. At the moment a Biryani would be nice.

A Sasha or John Digweed release on Vivrant? Which would be more interesting?

Also a tough one. How about a collaboration?

F1 or Moto GP?

I don’t like motor sports, but F1 events seem chic haha.

Your favourite city in India?


The Avengers or Justice League?

Justice League


Make sure you do not miss his India tour which kicks off this week. Catch Jeremy Olander in Mumbai on 23rd, Hyderabad on 24th and Bangalore for sLick!'s flagship property - A Day Of sLick! on the 25th of November. < Tickets Here

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