CME Sit-Down : Giorgia Angiuli

CME Sit-Down : Giorgia Angiuli

Since she made it in the world of electronic dance music, Giorga Angiuli has made quite the mark for herself. With a clasical training background that is clearly evident in her productions, Giorgia has been creating a unique amalgamation of the lush electronic landscapes and the strokes of classical music to create her own symphony. Her live sets are a treat for the ears as well as the eyes. Mixing the different sounds sampled live with some of the most unorthodox instruments like toy guns and baby toys, Giorga has managed to create this niche for herself which not everyone can achieve. 


Giorgia plays a LIVE set on the mainstage of Epizode Festival on the 2nd of Janaury. We invited her to have a sit-down with us. We spoke to Giorgia about her new album, her LIVE show, her touring schedule and her love for  toys. Read the full interview below.



Hello Giorgia, how are you doing? What part of the world are you in right now?

Hello I am fine, writing you from my lovely hometown Monopoli, in the south of Italy, enjoying christmas holidays with my family and friends.



You are playing at Epizode tomorrow, what are your expectations? What can we expect from your set?

I am very excited to perform in a fantastic landscape and in a festival with a very solid line up. I will play a live set between techno and deep… Come to see me and you will see it by yourself ;)




Your Live sets are a work of art. You have been known to use some really unconventional sounds like those from toys. How did this practice come into origin?

 Actually I studied classical music and I have always collected toys for kids, so for me it’s something natural to bring them in my live set and I always love to see the smile of the people when I start to play them live. 



We have seen artists use props on stage and really unique samples in their tracks. But it’s very rare to see an artist use the props for creating the unique sounds in a Live Set. Could you tell us about your live set-up?

This is my setup nowadays: Ableton Live, Moog Sub 37, Apogee sound card, Shure SM58 for my voice, CS 01 Yamaha, Theremini from Moog, a drum from Korg, Arturia Minilab, Novation mini launch pad , Xone 92 Allen & Heath and my toys that become real instruments. I play them especially in empty moments, when there are few sounds, and I add some nice effects like reverb, delay, chorus, flanger.




What are some of your favourite hardware that you cannot do without when you are in the studio?

Moog Sub37 and Korg ms2000. I love these synthesizers because they are very versatile



What does 2019 have in store for you? Have you set any short term and long term goals for the new year?

Actually I prefer not to plan the future too much …I have just finished my studio album and I want to spend more time producing new music .



Any plans of visiting India anytime soon?

Yes I am getting some requests from India and we are planning a tour there… You will get infos about it soon! I have never been there but I know that it is a very enchanting place.




Your album ‘Inside The Pink Bubble’ came out in November. Could you tell us more about the tracks from this album and the story behind them?

I released this album on Stil vor Talent, a German label managed by Oliver Koletzki , an artist that I really like and respect. It’s an album with 12 tracks and represents me and my mood completely, also the artwork and the pink vinyl. The music is between indie, electronic and techno. I composed it during my tours, many tracks saw the light on the planes and it’s dedicated to my beloved mum.



Fast Five :

Hamley’s or Toys R Us? Toys R Us ( even I really prefer vintage toys)

Sky Diving or Scuba Diving? Sky Diving

Last track played on your Phone? Terry Riley “a rainbow in curved air”

Your favourite club to play at in 2018? Warung

Your favourite Live Act right now? Olafur Arnalds

BY Rahul Rane

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