5 reasons why ADE must be on your bucket list

5 reasons why ADE must be on your bucket list

It’s almost that time of the year again. If you happen to have friends in the music industry or even happen to be avid fans of electronic music, the chances of you seeing at least one of them heading to Amsterdam in October are very very high. One may question as to why half the world flocks to Amsterdam for those five days in October? What is it about ADE that draws people and makes people go back year after year? Well, apart from hitting the perfect sweet spot of a mix of party and business, we list down a couple of reasons that may make you reconsider and join the party crew in Amsterdam this year!






What is not to love about Amsterdam? A city so liberal, diverse and welcoming, Amsterdam as a city is one that makes you feel like you belong there almost instantly. More importantly, the city also houses some of the best and globally renowned talent in the field of music and art. The air reeks of cultural diversity and creativity and it’s sure to rub off on you as well by the time you leave. And, it is one place that does gigs at museums, train stations, boats, prison, shipyards and what not! It’s rare to see a city that celebrates its culture and art so flamboyantly and it is sure to make you fall in love with it!



Diverse Music Options





Amsterdam Dance Event is one that is filled with a plethora of showcases, gigs and conferences. With a large variety of showcases in genres ranging from Techno, Trance, Electronica, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop and even classical Jazz, the city has something for everyone. Moreover, since you are surrounded by such a vast variety of showcases, it may also give you the opportunity to stumble upon a new style of music that you probably would not attend on a regular day.




Best opportunity to network and build your contacts





For these 5 days, Amsterdam sees the biggest of music labels, artists, managers and anyone even remotely associated in the music industry make their way to the city to not only socialize with fellow industry people, but also scout for new business opportunities well. In fact the chances of you bumping into an artist on a tram, on the streets or even partying next to you are extremely high. Go ahead, meet people!



Larger than life showcases





Amsterdam knows how to present their shows well. With spell binding production, stellar visuals and unimaginable venues, there is a gig happening in every nook and cranny of the city. With big wigs like Amsterdam Music Festival, Awakenings, Martin Garrix’s showcase at Rai, Tomorrowland, Elrow, DGTL, Dockyard to name a few, the city is bustling with events that are sure to blow your mind away!




Meet new people from different walks of Life



The one thing that we enjoy the most! The city is flooded with people from various places around the world, all united by the common love for music. People meet and bond over the music and come out by the end of it giving them connections that they take back for life.



Every year we visit the city, we always come back with new experiences that leave us more enriched and make us wait for the next edition. It’s still not to late to plan it out! Get packing and make your way to the Netherlands for Amsterdam Dance Event this year! For more details, click here



BY Shivani Murthy

NEWS / 1 year