Zephyrtone release a fresh new track titled ‘Hey’.

Zephyrtone, a duo from India’s fast rising Electronic Dance Music stable have just dropped a spanking new track titled ‘Hey’. The track will be a part of their EP – ‘Shooting Stars’ which is due to release in November. Hey combines soothing female vocals from Zephyr and the zesty rap verse from Xenon Phoneix.


Here’s what the duo had to say about their upcoming EP, Shooting Stars.

‘Shooting Stars is a collection of our sweat, tears, and dreams. This EP plays an important role in our lives. When we started producing music, we were not confident about our compositions or singing and gradually we have really come to believe in it. The EP went through hundreds of different versions, different songs, different mixes, different plans. We have put much effort into this to make it the absolute best it could be because we believe that’s what YOU deserve. ‘

: Listen to Hey :


The project ZEPHYRTONE was started in 2015. It’s been a cyclonic year for the unavoidable, vivacious pairing of electronic music’s freshest duo. They have performed their unique DJ + LIVE act at leading venues across Pune, Goa, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad to name a few. Their productions have been supported by the likes of Porter Robinson, Bobby Burns & Cole Ingram. Zephyrtone’s reputation for providing energetic progressive house sets along with live vocals grows with every whirlwind journey. We recommend you follow Zephyrtone on the links below to stay updated with their new music and updates.


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