What happens when Trance & Techno combine?

One of Holland’s original Techno pioneers, Remy Unger has been among the genre’s trendsetters since the early ‘90s, blasting wave upon wave of killer releases onto the scene on a variety of acclaimed labels. Also touted one of the most remarkable DJs in his home country, Remy Unger possesses the gift to move his audience both physically and mentally, showing that the prolific Dutchman is still very much on top of his game and eager to explore his talents even further by way of his new label.


One And Other’, the first original release from Remy Unger on WAXBOX, immediately uncovers the label’s vision and the kind of music it aims to represent. The song immerses its listener in driving Techno beats and melodic whiffs, spotlighting a wide variety of atmospheric textures that fuels its rise as a full-fledged mood setter. The inclusion of the Leaf The 4 Remix only adds to the jaw-dropping quality of this release which now out on Armada.

Listen to Remy Unger – One and Other

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