There’s a new Pendulum album coming!!

Recently there have been a number of artists from the dance music industry who have come forward with their views and opinions on what EDM was and what it has come to and some of them do have valid points. Now it looks like one half of Knife Party, Rob Swire who is also a part of Pendulum has very casually announced on Twitter that he is going to start working on a new Pendulum album.

Pendulum’s last album “Immersion” was released way back in 2010 which was a perfect mix of DnB, Rock and Electronica and with the huge gap since Immersion we can only imagine what the new album will sound like as we’re sure that their taste in music has certainly evolved a lot more if not changed. While fans were over the moon with the announcement that the band would be doing live shows once again we can only imagine their excitement right now with this news and we certainly can’t wait to hear some new Pendulum music in the near future.

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