The Swedish prodigy: ALESSO!

It follows a blowout year for Alesso that cemented him as one of the top producers in the dance world. In that time span, he released his debut LP FOREVER, which debuted top 10 on iTunes in the UK, Japan & Sweden, hit #1 on the US dance charts and included four UK top 10 singles including his massive platinum certified global hit ‘Heroes’ featuring Tove Lo. He also amassed 1.3 billion overall streams worldwide in 2015 as well as launching trailblazing collaborations with Carolina Herrera and PAY DAY 2. In addition, he’s played some of the biggest festivals across the world and sold out his headlining show at the legendary Globe Theatre in his native Sweden a few days ago.

Before the Swede heads down to India after a 3-year long gap to perform at the debut edition of EDC India, here are his top 5 productions which you might want to lend an ear to before you head down to catch the protégé live in India !


• Alssso’s “Cool” featuring British singer/songwriter and producer Roy English- the frontman of the former American rock band Eye Alaska, sampling Kylie Minogue’s “Get Outta My Way”, was released on 16th February, 2015.
With the opening melody of “Cool” being sampled from Kylie Minogue’s instant classic track “Get Outta My Way” from her monumental 2010 album “Aphrodite”,
its catchy vocal and well-crafted melody that fuses pop with the dance world, showcases convergence of the two distinct identities at one point.
Also, it boasts a nerdy music video featuring ALESSO canvassing a high school background, which highlights the undeniable acting skills which ALESSO possesses as a producer!


• Surely an anthem which needs no introduction! Gentle piano chords with an uplifting sing-along-friendly vocal juxtapose a build that is tantalizing and infectious, the song has a beautiful melody layered throughout Ryan Tedder‘s vocals, bringing some raw emotion to accompany his lyrics
The extended version of If I Lose Myself is just over seven minutes of perfect Swedish anthem material & can surely set the groove right for you.
‘If I Lose Myself’ nailed everything that it needed to with euphoric synthlines, a building baseline, a peak and of course some powerful Tedder vocals, making it the perfect big room track.


• 8th October, 2016 marked the 3rd Anniversary of this global hit.
Released as a part of Calvin Harris’s debut album, “Motion”, and so as of Alesso’s “Forever”, this track can surely be marked as one of the notable one throughout the almanac where dance music has proved its existence & surely needs no introduction by us.


• Grammy-nominated Swedish DJ/producer Alesso returned with a beautiful new love song titled ‘I Wanna Know’ featuring platinum selling duo Nico & Vinz a few weeks ago. Being premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show, this track solidifies Alesso as an undeniably skilled songwriter. It also signifies a new chapter for him, shaped by his time in Los Angeles and his maneuvering through the joy and confusion of love.
‘I wanna Know’ was premiered at his Greek theater show, taking 4 months to create and perfect, the extraordinary performance at the Greek theater proved to be Alesso’s most impressive performance to date with custom shot visuals, 100 meters wive of LED, back to front lasers and FX resulting an fully immersive 360 experience.


Last but not the least, heroes was one of Alesso’s most successful track which garnered 1.3 + Billion streams worldwide !
Instead of us speaking about it, here is what ALESSO had to comment on it :-

“When Tove Lo and I first started working together, she’d tell me about how she wanted to be different, to stand out as an artist. And on some level, I think everyone goes through that. As a teenager, I was always wondering about who I was, what was my identity, did I secretly wish I was someone else. But as you [age], you realize that it’s not about being someone else.”

Surely a guy to watch out for in the long run!
Make sure you catch him live at EDC India.

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