The organizers of Purpose Tour India are in big trouble!

Justin Bieber and his team of 25 dancers took the stage at 8.00pm for a 90 minute performance in Mumbai which left quite a number of fans unhappy & it looks like the government is unhappy too, not with Bieber but with the organizers.

As per an article in Mumbai Mirror, While permission had been taken for 34,529 spectators, when a squad of the entertainment branch went to the venue on the evening of the concert after evaluating they found 7,272 more spectators there.

According to the notice, the VVIP 1 and VVIP 2 sections, which were supposed to have 93 and 86 people respectively, were packed with 150 people each & the VVIP 3 section which was supposed to hold 518 people had 900 instead.

Thereby, the authorities have ordered White Fox India – the organizers of the show to pay an additional amount of 92.5 Lakhs as duty & a penalty of 1.85 crores!

Source : Mumbai Mirror

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