The legend of David Guetta!

On the eve of 22 January, one of the greatest modern french Dj-turned-producer with flyaway hair will take the stage at the music festival everyone’s been waiting for, the very first Sunburn Arena of 2017.


The Legend of David Guetta goes back to the good old days of mixing on vinyls. We discreetly remember him ranting about vinyls in an interview where he said, “Tonnes of vinyls. My back was hurting [carrying them], it was terrible. Then I moved to playing CDs. Now this is what I use at my shows.” So how did Guetta go from playing at local bars to getting over 50,000 people grooving to his music at the biggest festivals across the world? Just like everyone else, Guetta too had a shaky start. David Guetta revealed that the early days of his career were a little nerve wracking. Whenever it was time to put the needle on the record, David’s shaky hands simply wouldn’t cooperate.

“My first gig in Scotland was at The Arches and I was not the big headliner. I was in the smaller room and I remember the promoter Ricky Magowan stayed with me the entire night. I was surprised and honoured because usually promoters stay with the biggest DJ and he was looking at me and how I was working the crowd. Maybe he felt, ‘This guy is going to be someone.’ I had so much fun” — DG


In his early days, David Guetta was well known on the French nightclub scene.It was sometime then, that he met Cathy. Meeting this waitress 26 years ago was one of the best things that happened to him. Guetta and Cathy got along real well and soon put up their own nights and opened their own clubs. It was around this time that David Guetta started producing music which tended to be mainly electronic and instrumental and was designed solely to cater to the dancefloor.

And then in 2007, he finally had his big break., the lead of The Black Eyed Peas was direly impressed with “Love is Gone” and invited Guetta to collaborate with him. This is when one of the greatest pop sensations “I Gotta Feeling” was born. The launch of this track in 2009, sent Guetta to the top of the Global charts and made him a sensation overnight (only figuratively)! In the same year the magazine ‘Top 100 DJs’ conducted a poll, the results of which placed David Guetta at the No 3 spot. And from here, the only was up! Guetta kept releasing bangers backs to back and kept rising to fame. Also, with FMIF, he and Cathy preside over a club-cum-kinky-lifestyle marque that, during its summer residency at Ibiza, generates tens of thousands of euros every week.


Irrespective of what he has achieved, Guetta insists his fame hasn’t changed him a bit. The lavish hotel penthouse suites and private planes are functional luxuries, facilitating his nonstop, jet-set, time zone-flouting work schedule. The 49 year-old who started hosting parties in his parents’ garage when he was 13 is both a music obsessive and one of the highly talented musicians out there and very soon he’ll be with us, back in India. Catch him live in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi this January.

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