The DO’S and DON’TS of Road To Ultra : India.

The biggest EDM festival in the world which features artist rosters brimming with top tier talent, cutting-edge stage production and world-class visuals, lighting, cryogenic and pyrotechnics will be making its much awaited foray into the Indian sub-continent. As the popular festival which has been successfully able to make the fans jump, scream, shout and rave worldwide prepares for India domination, we countdown to the worldwide expansion for ULTRA Music Festival, Road To ULTRA.

Ultra has a long list of forbidden items. Here are the most unusual ones:

· Stuffed animals

· Real animal

· Facial masks

· Opened packs of tampons or cigarettes (closed ones are fine)

· Pacifiers

· Glow sticks

· Balloons, balls and Frisbees

· Water guns, squirt guns or spray bottles

· Bicycles, skateboards or scooters

· Umbrellas (bring a poncho instead)

· Chairs, blankets, sleeping bags or tents

· Musical instruments or whistles

· Laser pens

· Pens, markers and spray paint

· Poles, sticks or “totems” (including your selfie stick)

And here are the most common-sense ones:

· Weapons

· Drugs

· Food and drinks

· Flammable items or liquids

· Chains

· Professional camera or audio recording equipment

· Drones

· Opened medication

DO – Charge your cell phone. You will want to take numerous pictures and videos to capture the RTU India moments. 12 hours will take a toll on your battery.

DON’T – Spend the entire festival with your phone out. Yeah, the videos and pictures will be awesome. But re-live the experience through your memories. Don’t be gazing the video through your cell phone screen during an entire set. This is also inconsiderate to everyone behind you.

DO – Share your experiences with others. Write about them, blog about them, tweet them, shout them from the rooftops. Your friends and loved ones will be ecstatic to hear about them.

DON’T – Spend the entire festival tweeting, Instagramming, and Facebooking. Not only will this kill your battery but it takes away from the experience. There is plenty of time to put all your stuff out on social media on the trip home.

DO – Eat and hydrate before coming to the festival. We don’t want you to drop down and spoil your fun and experiences; as such events are once in a life time experience.

DON’T – Overeat/drink too much beforehand. Opt for nutritious snacks such as salads and fruits as opposed to fatty foods, sugars, soda, and alcohol. Again, marathon not a sprint.

DO – Come with an open mind. This is the electronic music mecca. There are few better places in the world when it comes to EDM. You are a part of it. Be grateful.

DON’T – The festival does not encourage any use of illegal, illicit substances but understands that you might choose this option. You never know what you are getting and what the side effects could be. Bottom line – the risk is not worth it. Be mindful of what you put in your body. The music is the only drug you need.

DO – Dress comfortably. Chances are it is going to be rainy. Dress light. Ideal option is athletic shorts (no pockets), bro-tank, gum booths and fanny pack, and off course a windsheter.

DON’T – Pay attention to festival fashion trends. You will be out running around and sweating all day. It is not a fashion contest. It is possible to dress minimally and still look good. Opt for comfort.

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