The Chainsmokers release another hit single

The year has just started and it looks like the brains behind one of last year’s biggest tracks Closer whose lyric video just racked up over a billion views just a couple of days back, The Chainsmokers aren’t wasting anytime in releasing their new music. Their brand new track titled “Paris” which first created waves in the EDM community when it was first premiered during their set at the Los Angeles Convention Centre back in December that left fans spellbound. And now finally after teasing snippets of the track its finally here released in it’s entirety and we are absolutely in love with it!

Paris is another track in which Drew has taken over vocals duty with a little help from uncredited vocals by Emily Warren who has previously also worked with the Chainsmokers on their track “Untill You We’re Gone”. Paris is the first solo track to come from the duo since 2015 the last one being their single “New York City” which is also a part of their Bouquet EP. For Paris the duo have eased up on the tempo starting off slow eventually taking it up a notch for the drop and that once again like their previous track “Don’t let me down” features a sort of mellow guitar rift that goes through the track accompanied by the piano and the nostalgic lyrics that just takes the track to a whole new level.

You can stream Paris or grab a copy of the track for yourself HERE.

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