Steve Angello & Isabel Adrian are doing it all right!

Steve Angello has surely been that one artist who has always been forward in speaking his mind. Steve & his wife Isabel Adrian have surely left no stone unturned to prove their love for their kids. Inspite of their extremely busy schedules, the husband-wife pair make sure to try and spend some time in the day with their daughter. Well, you wouldn’t believe us if we told you that Monday lily (5 years old)  has a Twitter account since quite some time now & Winter rose also logged in since the DAY she was born! Quite a scandal with the Twitter age policy, ain’t it?

Check out some of these amazing clicks by Steve & Isabel which will give you #MAJORFamilyGoals :-


@SteveAngello :- My favourite travel companion! 

We’re pretty sure she is Steve !


@IsabelAdrian :- Monday lily and hello kitty bag. Traveling light & in style. 

We surely want to check out Steve’s travel case after this.


@SteveAngello : The best babysitter in the world. The voyager!

So now we know why Steve takes such a lot of time in releasing his music! (😂😂 kidding Steve)


@SteveAngello : Every morning I wake up is dedicated to these two. Every sleepless night. Every kick drum. Every hour that passes by is nothing but hard work, love and dedication. If I could make their life’s as good as mine I’ve succeeded in life. It’s not about money. Things. Or what people think success is, my definition of success is being a great role model for my kids, being an amazing father and teaching them as much as I can on being a good human being. The future is what we bring to this world so take good care of it. It’s our children, siblings, cousins, friends or their kids. The future is everything around us! It’s you, me and everyone else out there on this planet, so let’s start with the people around us, teach them and they will teach others, everything begins with one person! Be that person!

Wise words!


Family goals!

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