Mumbai Based producer SiddEffects releases his new EP – Epilogue.

Siddhesh Sardesai aka SiddEffects who was born and raised in the Indian city of Mumbai is now releasing his new EP. Having previous releases on labels including Alltum, Triplefire Music and Soundwaves he is an exciting new artist and has now become a part of the 22 Digit family. 22 Digit Records is a UK based label with an open minded music policy that’s focused towards House music, but incorporates elements of Techno and other electronic genres.

The label’s eclectic music policy is reflected by the back catalogue of artists which includes Trus’me, Moodymanc, Matt Tolfrey and Tom Ellis, plus its forthcoming releases that feature the likes of Appleblim, Alland Byallo and Reset Robot.

SiddEffect’s latest EP titled ‘Epilogue’ is something you will love in the first listen itself. The music slowly grows on you and showcases the talent of it’s producer. Siddhesh has been working on this EP for quite a while now, juggling between the studios to playing in the Underground Circuit of Mumbai to a 9 to 5 job as a Sound Engineer. We took out some time to review the EP and we wish him luck for the release.

The EP features 2 originals titled ‘Unspace’ and ‘Epilogue’ and a remix for ‘Epilogue’.

The first track titled ‘UnSpace’ sets a melodic tone that runs through the release. Grounded by a growling bass synth, it has uplifting pads that are both warm and ethereal. Combined with a female vocal stab and stripped back percussion, the track is centered around a series of drops where the bass takes control with a sudden burst of energy tailor made for the dancefloor.

‘Epilogue’ the second original track fuses Balearic moods with delicate synth work, rising strings and poignant horns. Eloquent from start to finish, the track has elements of classical concerto fused with modern electronica and could easily be described as the perfect sunset track.

Third and final track is The Model’s remix of Epilogue which is a toughened version of the original that keeps all of its epic sense of mood and mystery. Less cinematic than the original, the loop based remix slowly builds with a tension and intensity that Sasha and Digweed would be proud of. The Model, who fresh from his recent appearance on Jamie Jones label Hot Trax, has also released music on International DeeJay Gigolo, Traum and My Favorite Robot amongst many others of a similar calibre.


The EP is set to release on 14th October and will be available for purchase from the 28th of October 2016. You can listen to the tracks on 22 Digit’s Soundcloud channel –

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