Robbers break into Axwell’s Stockholm house

Things have been going on quite well with Axwell /\ Ingrosso. If you have been following the duo closely on the their Instagram, then off late, it seems that they’ve been having quite a lot of fun along with their crew at showdowns across the almanac.

The guys, who just a few weeks ago, shelled out the festival version of their brand new single “Thinking about you”, have been taking over Ushuaia Ibiza on every Wednesday’s, as a part of the Ibiza season until their last performance on 7th September, had quite a shock post their recent glorious performance at Ushuaia
which was streamed live on Facebook.WhatsApp-Image-20160729 (1)

According to sources, two robbers tried to break into Axwell’s house in Stockholm while the swede was holidaying on the party island with his family. The Stockholm police was alerted immediately & they did quite a job in handling the situation tactfully!

You can check out the video posted by Axwell on Instagram below :-

We can say that, all’s well that end’s well! 😜

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