Porter Robinson & Madeon have big plans for fans!

The 2 legends of Electronic Dance Music have done it again! After taking the world by storm with their individual LIVE tours, Porter Robinson and Madeon have collaborated to make what sounds like an amazing track!

Earlier today, both artists shared the track, titled ‘ Shelter ‘ on their social media and also confirmed news that they will be starting a North America tour very soon. Porter Robinson has been critically acclaimed for his ‘The Worlds Tour’ which saw him performing a Live set instead of a DJ set. The tour was a grand success and had an extensive 42 show schedule.

Madeon on the other hand has always been a game changer in the LIVE space. Most of his Live sets are a blend of visuals, MIDI controllers, launchpads and futuristic tracks. A lot of Madeon’s work has been picked by a lot of TV and Video Gaming franchisees due to the fresh flavor they bring with them. Madeon had a highly successful 22 stop Live Tour last year.

Madeon and Robinson have always been very close friends and a collaboration between them has always been a dream for their fans. And finally their fans have something they always wanted. ‘Shelter’ comes across as sneak peek into what their joint Live tour holds for us. The ‘Shelter’ tour will be kicking off in Fall of 2016.

Stay tuned for more updates. Till then listen to ‘Shelter’. A lot of happy emotions in this one.

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