Orjan Nilsen & Jochen Miller : Renegades.

On 13th January, Orjan Nilsen & Jochen Miller premiered their debut collaboration, Renegades.

Orjan and Jochen seem to have outdone themselves with their debut collaboration. The track has ‘Adrenaline Rush ‘ written all over it & on a lousy day the powerful bassline is the perfect way to recharge yourself.

Renegades, will surely be a crowd favourite and will be destroying speakers in clubs acorss the world. Orjan & Jochen have done a brilliant job in including Daft Punk like vocals with that not to forget heavy bass line!
As a whole, we cannot wait to enjoy the massive surge of energy which one gets while listening to this track.

Orjan, Norwegian Trance Producer and DJ who is one of the leading names in Trance Music. Orjan has been an elite member of the Armada brigade for quite a while now. Known for his sets that have a fusion of modern say EDM sounds and classic trance symphonies, Orjan is surely a force to reckon with.

Jochen is one of the finest Trance artists to come out of The Netherlands. Jochen has been garnering quite the following ever since his track Lost Connection was featured by Armin Van Buuren in his A State Of Trance annual compilation in 2008. Having worked with artists like Markus Schulz, Rank 1 and Tom Fall to name a few, Jochen does not cease his hunger for success!

Stream/Purchase Renegades Here

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