Nicky Romero lends a helping hand to producers

For all those aspiring DJ’s out there as you all might know starting out and learning how to produce is no joke. We often see videos of DJ’s producing their tracks on various softwares such as FL Studio and Abelton for example and make it seem so easy but when you give it a go its a totally different thing.

There are a lot of tutorial videos out there on Youtube for those looking to learn the tricks of the trade but you wont find lot of videos from DJ’s who have actually made it big in the industry but Nicky Romero is changing that. The Dutch powerhouse took to this social accounts to share the first video of what is to be his series of videos titled ‘Studio Masterclass’ in which he will be recreating some of his songs which will certainly be a lot of help to all the ambitious producers looking to make a name for themselves in the dance music industry.

In Studio Masterclass #01 Nicky gives us an in-depth look and of went into creating his latest track ‘Ready To Rumble’. You can check out the video of Studio Masterclass 01 here below.


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