Marshmello has another hidden gem in store!

If you might not already know Ultra’s annual festival at Singapore took place last weekend that featured a stunnig lineup of artists such as DJ Snake, Above & Beyond, Afrojack and Kygo to name a few and although there was a lot of different tracks that stood out from the set’s, there is one track that everyone has been talking about ever since a clip of it was uploaded on YouTube.

Yes you read that right! Marshmello has remixed the Dutch wonderkid, Martin Garrix’s track ‘Oops’ that he had released earlier this year as a free download and it looks like Marshmello has now taken this track a step further and has knocked the ball out of the park with this one! Marshmello played the track for the first time during his set at ultra Singapore and it looks like he has stuck with the distinctive bass heavy sound along with the high pitched concoctions that he is known for but even then still stays true to the video game theme of the song. We hope to be get an official release of the remix sometime soon and we certainly hope that Marshmello includes this remix in his sets for when he tours India in just a few weeks time.

You can get your tickets here for Marshmello’s Mumbai & Hyderabad shows.

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