CME Sit Down With Bryan Adams

CME Sit Down With Bryan Adams

Over the years we have come across a number of artists with numerous hits under their belt but only a handful of them still manage to strike that special chord for us that takes back to our childhood days and one such artist is none other than the legendary man who is still going strong at 58, breaking records and has the crowds singing to his new songs just like he did over 20 years ago and that person is none other than Bryan Adams. With just a few days to go before he kicks off his highly anticipated 5 city tour of India, he blessed us with a few minutes off of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us over mail. 


Q. Namaste Bryan, warm greetings from India! You’ve been to India and done a couple of successful tours and you’re back next month. Any message for your Indian fans?

I’m really looking forward to the gigs; we’ve always loved playing there. We’ll be playing all the songs you know and love, and have possibly heard. Come and see the show!


Q.  You’ve had one of the most illustrious careers in the music industry spanning more than 35 years and more than 65 Million album sales under your belt. What has been your constant source of inspiration over the years?

I get asked this all the time, and I can only answer it by saying that I take care of myself. I’ve got a great team and we try to have a laugh whenever we can.




Q. There comes a time in an artist’s life when they feel they should quit. Like nothing is working for them anymore. Did you face such a hurdle and how did you overcome it?

I think I handled everything OK. I had a laugh. It was great. I had really good people with me and we had a lot of fun — it was an incredibly good time. The pressure was on to deliver, but I think the key to all of it is being able to retain your sense of humor. If you laugh with it and at it, you’ll make it through.



Q. You have been working with Bruce Allen your manager for almost 30 years. Tell us about that equation

He’s a great collaborator and when I went to him at age 18, I thought he knew everything. As I discovered, the business was ever evolving and I can remember telling him to get a fax machine when they were popular, then when that changed insisting he get email when that came around, it’s quite funny really.




Q. You have been consistently writing new songs over the years. While the releases have slowed down, you’ve got a lot of new material. Will we get to hear any of the new material on your India tour?

Yes from Ultimate. I’ve got a new album coming out in January 2019.



Q. You were amongst the first Western musicians to tour India in the 90s. You’ve also played at offbeat places like Bhutan. You’re always innovating on your tour concepts. Tell us about what we can expect from the Ultimate Tour.

It was fun to put the music together for the tour. We have a great show in store, our best work. We spent months preparing this tour, it’s a long way from our first tour of India.




Q. Not many people know that you are an excellent photographer as well. With an eye for details, your photos are some of the best we’ve seen. When did you pick this passion for photography?

Quite early on in life, but I didn’t take it professionally until the mid 90’s, I was too busy on tour. Although you had shot for Get Up, is there any other way you want to merge the two passions in future? I’ve shot almost all my album covers since the 90’s, and working with other artists is always fun. My next photography book is called Homeless, based on people living on the street in London.



Q.  Any fond memories from your previous India tours which you would love to share with your fans?

It’s always an adventure when I’ve been there.  On my first trip to India, there were no cars to collect us, so Keith my guitarist and I got in a taxi from the airport. The suspension was broken in the car so we leaned over the seat to watch where we were going. Along the way we had to stop because an elephant had gone to sleep in the middle of the road. That story would not happen anywhere else in the world, welcome to India.




Q. You’re also quite passionate about social causes and have been doing some really inspiring philanthropist work. How do you manage to find time for it from your packed touring schedule?

It’s kind of like being Bruce Wayne and Batman, but without the physical combat. You need a balance of things in order to continue to be creative, so I divide my time as equally as I can between all the things I love to do.


For tickets and more info on the tour click HERE.


BY CME Staff

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