CME Sit-Down : Dannic

CME Sit-Down : Dannic

Dannic, the prodigious DJ and producer from Breda in the Netherlands – the hometown of Tiësto and Hardwell – is one of the fiercest acts to emerge from the latest generation of Dutch artists, cementing himself as a go-to name that delivers within the world of big-room, grooving house. Releasing his debut track “Doster” on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings catapulted him further into the limelight. With support from major artists ranging from Hardwell and Nicky Romero to Tiesto and Dyro. 

Last week Dannic visited India for a 3 city tour. During his tour we caught up with the dutch superstar for a small chat.
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Hey Daan, how does it feel to come back to India once again?

I always enjoy coming back to India – it is a place of special importance to me having plated huge events and some cool club shows, I’m excited to come back for a headlining run!


You’ve now been to India now for a couple of times. What are the changes you have seen in the crowd over the years?

I think the styles in music, the Indian crowds are expanding just beyond the base level “boom” of EDM, sourcing out and enjoying more house and even harder, bass-heavy sounds.


Hailing from Breda in the Netherlands, how have your roots inspired your music and your career?

Breda and the Netherlands is a musical inspiration for anyone growing up there, looking around we have the likes of Hardwell and Tiesto for people to look up to and the history of musical knowledge and pride runs deep.
I definitely think where I grew up had an effect on me following this path.


You’ve got your own record label. How is that working out for you? Any up and coming artists we should look out for?

I love it! It really is such a rewarding part of my job – it gives me another focus and aim to work towards and continue to not only build a brand and legacy, but also to provide artists a platform that otherwise wouldn’t have it for whatever reason; access to the industry, geographical or economical restrictions; music speaks to everyone and anyone and I want to be able to guide and help fresh producers on the scene with lessons I’ve learnt over the best part of the past decade.


What new music has Dannic hidden up his sleeves for 2018? Can you tell us about a bit or two?

Well this year I’ve released a number of tracks way into the double figures now so not too many more before the end of the year – but I honestly think that the recent tracks I’ve released like ‘Falling in Love (SOS)’ and my latest ‘Tenderlove’ are some of the best that I’ve ever released. I really feel like I’m expanding my audience but also keeping a typical Dannic style with the funky undertones and grooving beats.


Fonk recordings & Revealed recordings - What happens when there is a clash between the two?

Ah! Well, I haven’t released on Revealed Recordings for quite a while so there is no clash, really. Revealed Recordings have been great to me over the years as has Hardwell as both label head and friend – my releases on Fonk, on Spinnin’ and Revealed over the years all have different aims and goals, showing different sides of me as an artist, but all under the Dannic umbrella.


What are your views on that Salvatore Ganacci fiasco at Tomorrowland last month?

Haha, well it got everyone talking, didn’t it?! 😉


One last question, any message for your Indian fans?

Thankyou for all the support and love! I’m coming to Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai, hope to see you all on the road!

BY gajodhar

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