CME Sit-Down : Color Ray

CME Sit-Down : Color Ray

Color Ray is the moniker of progressive and deep house producer and DJ, Shrinivas Sundar aka Vas. With a background in music stretching back to the age of 15, Color Ray is a true artist with a propensity for songwriting and innovative production concepts. While handling guitar duties in the early half of the last decade, Shrinivas was the fundamental force behind the musical direction of diverse homegrown bands like Depths of Suffering, Nemesis, and Blackhole Theory. After discovering and revisiting electronic dance music inspirations like Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed & Cid Inc, he honed his focus towards a new and fresh musical style that gave birth to this alias. 



Color Ray takes over Double Decker in Bangalore this Friday along with Meraki Vibes. We had a little chat with him, read the full interview below.


Hi Shrinivas, how are you doing? It’s good to sit down with you for nice chat. How has 2017 been for you so far?


I’m doing well, thanks for having me! 2017 has been quite a ride having its share of ups & downs. A lot has changed in my approach towards music & other things in life overall, all for the better though and I can’t wait for what I have to give in 2018.


Let us talk about your radio show – Prism which airs on Proton Radio and has received some really great reviews from your fans and peers alike. Could you tell us more about the show? When and how did you decide to come up with the show, the kind of music curating that you do?


I’ve been working with the Proton Family for quite some time now. A few years back, they had invited me to do a guest mix for their ‘VS’ show, which went down really well in their charts. I remember it was exactly 2 years back, when I was in Bangalore chilling with Praveen Achary, that I had this idea of starting my own show. I was on a look out for a platform that would really help me push the music that I love and also support other talented artists from around  the world. With everything that I’ve been a part of with Proton, it only made sense to go ahead with Proton Radio as the perfect platform for it.

My show ‘Prism’ is not genre specific in particular, I play music which I find interesting. I remember starting an episode with an A.R. Rahman track, which went down quite well with the listeners. Besides that, I’m really happy with the good response for the show so far & much excited as the show completes 2 years next month (December 2017). Have planned something very special for this one!



We know you receive messages from Ink Pigment sellers all the time due to your moniker. What is the story behind the moniker ‘Color Ray’?


Hahaha! Yes I do, that’s my side business! Well actually, I’ve been asked this question a number of times and unfortunately there’s no magical story or anything as such. I remember trying out different websites like Band Name Generator to come up with potential names for my Metal Bands back in the day & I knew this wasn’t going to work anymore. After a lot of brainstorming and almost giving up on the idea of a moniker, I had a good night sleep & woke up the next day. While I was having some tea and staring at the sun (not directly though), my inner voice literally said this “Color Ray Hona Chahiye Yaar”!  (Translation: It SHOULD be Color Ray)


You are going to be back in Bangalore to play with Meraki Vibes this weekend. What can we expect?


I’ve always enjoyed playing in Bangalore, and this new association with Junket & Juicebox Music at Double Decker looks amazing. An open air / rooftop scenario? Can’t go wrong with that. Really looking forward to this one! You can expect a lot of new music and some unexpected tunes too.


You have done some really amazing remixes and we absolutely love the remix of Andre Sobota’s Fragments. What is your process of remixing these tracks? How do you decide what kind of a flavour you want to give to a particular track?


Thank you so much. Frankly, the thought process is very simple. I listen to the original track once and then I listen to it again after a few days to make sure that I really like the track and whether or not there is scope for me to remix it. I take only those projects with which I feel I can give a different & unique direction to the listeners, while still maintaining the original vibe of the track. I add flavour & masala, as per taste!



You have played alongside some of the biggest names from the progressive and deep spectrum of electronic dance music. Who are some of the artists that have inspired you and in what way?


There is so much to learn from every artist I meet, let alone play alongside them. It’s an amazing experience every single time. Playing alongside Praveen Achary, Vinayak^a , SHFT, Hernan Cattaneo & many more, has definitely inspired (and reassured) me to keep doing what I do.



Tell us about your relationship with Juicebox Music? What is it like working with them?


Dream crew! I consider myself fortunate to have met them & to be a part of their journey & vision.


What does 2018 have in store for Color Ray?


Lot of colorful music & pigments ☺


Catch Color Ray alongside Meraki Vibes this Friday in Bangalore. RSVP Here :



BY Rahul Rane

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