CME Sit-Down : Nervo

CME Sit-Down : Nervo

Having written and produced hits for the likes of Kylie Minogue, Ke$ha, The Pussycat Dolls, Afrojack, Steve Aoki and Miley Cyrus to name a few, and receiving a Grammy Award for writing ?When Love Takes Over? for David Guetta and Kelly Rowland, the sisters of NERVO from Australia have risen to stardom with their songwriting skills alone. Having enthralled thousands of fans worldwide with their progressive tunes, the sisters sat down with us for a small chat.


A very happy new year to the most beautiful Miriam & Olivia - The Nervo sisters. First of all a warm welcome to you at CME India. 2016 was surely quite an eventful year for all of us. Tell us what defined "2016" for the Australian sisters?

We can't complain! 2016 was another exciting year full of releases with People Grinnin', Anywhere You Go, Forever Or Nothing, and Alone. We were able to work with some great people on collabs and are excited to have some more music coming your way in February! We were voted highest ranking female DJ's for DJ Mag again, got a billboard #1, toured and did around 200 shows at some of the most fun festivals and clubs around the world. We residencies in Ibiza and Vegas and we're loving throwing our NERVOnation parties around the world with some shows scheduled for WMC in Miami and also up in the Austrian mountains, in Solden. On a personal level, we have toured some amazing places around the world, we toured for 4 months with our brother as our tour manager and we work with a really great team that feel like family so all in all we're having a great time!


What expectations do you have from 2017, as in what can the Nervo nation look forward to in this adventitious year?

We hope to continue on this crazy amazing path. We have an exciting release scheduled for Febraury 10th with a track called In Your Arms coming out through Big Beat. We are going in more of a pop direction with this new single so are very excited for that. We also have some great collabs coming out in 2017 with some amazing artists. Also the launch of our label is very exciting for us and we are going to be bringing you lots of new music on GOT ME BABY! RECORDS.


Nobody fights you like your own sister; nobody knows the most vulnerable part of you & will aim for it without mercy. How do your fights go along? Can you describe any such event for us ever taken place at festival pre/post your performance?


We are like all normal sisters who of course fight but at the end of the day we do not take each other for granted and couldn't imagine doing the touring, making music, and traveling without one another. We work well together. We have each other?s backs and at the end of the day we are also quite similar which helps us stay united. We will tell each other quickly if the other one is stepping out of line and we listen to each other. The universe was very kind to give us each other!


Your latest collaboration, "Alone" which features an amass of modern melody and sensational vocals has certainly shook all. How did this collaboration evolve along with Askery and Brielle?


Askery knew Brielle and made the connection. We met Brielle and her team for the first time whilst we were in New York and it was there that we finished the main bulk of the writing all together. This was a real treat as we don't always find the time to meet with our collaborators while we all tour around the world so much.


You started off your career with some really great progressive tunes and your music has evolved and attained a good balance between electro and progressive. How has the journey been?


The journey has been unforgettable and we can't wait to continue it with you all. We are constantly evolving and pushing ourselves to make music that is better and different. We have more music coming this year that is again different to what we have put out before. We love the music making and we also love the touring so we feel very lucky to be able to do our dream career.


In the spare time do Miriam and Olivia & sit down and have a word or two about fashion? How different are you from each other in terms of the glamour world?

Although we are quite similar, we also have our differences. Mim is probably a little more bold with her fashion choices and Liv can be a littler more boho. We love finding cool pieces from around the world to wear and we find we find a lot of these pieces in Asia. At shows we love leggings with platform tennis shoes or creepers (shoes must be comfortable!) and a body suit or a crop top. We jump around a lot so our clothes need to be something that do not restrict our movement. In everyday life we also really like to be comfortable so we love comfy tees with a cool jacket of some kind and definitely no make up. We like to let our skin breathe whenever possible.


What do you think about the electronica industry getting saturated day-by-day and the role of a few producers who are overdoing it?

We aren't against anyone making music and in our minds it will all filter itself out and it will push everyone to make better music and play better shows. The more the merrier we say!


Rapid Fire

Any plans of an India tour? : Always! look for an announcement in 2017

Pool party or a major festival main-stage? : Major festival (but only bc you said main stage)

Favorite pastime? : Cooking (and eating!)

What gets you both high? : Fan's energy

Such a talented duo! We hope to catch up with them once again soon. Keep in touch with CME for more updates on Nervo.


BY Gaurav Kedia

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