CME interview with Rancido

CME interview with Rancido

We caught up with Afro House stalwart, Rancido before his debut gig in India at Ark, Mumbai here's what he had to say.



1) Firstly, welcome to India. How excited are you to be here? What are you looking forward to on your first trip to India?


I?m very excited to be here! Looking forward to seeing new places and faces J and also I want people to experience how I play my music because the way I play it is the way I feel?I think that is most important to me as a DJ.


2) You have had a couple of major shifts in your music career over these years before finally deciding to be a DJ. What can you tell us about the journey?


I was always a DJ? a producer first. DJ?ing came straight after that. It was the only way for me to get people to hear my music?but the journey was hard not as easy as people as think. At least it was back in the day. It?s easier today with social media and other platforms. Back in the day we really had to work hard for our sound and sets?we really had to practice?you still have to practice but it?s easier now because the technology is getting better and better each day. I had to go through what I had to - to get to where I am now and I?m happy now, soo it works.




3) You are widely acclaimed for playing Afro House. Can you tell us more about this genre?


It?s a combination between African rhythms and house music?that?s the easiest way I can explain it.


4) As a producer from the Deeper side of House music, what qualities do you think should a track possess in order to become a club/summer anthem?


First off I don?t make club music, I make music out of emotion, if it becomes popular because people enjoy it and connect to it then thats what it takes. But I cannot tell you how to make a club anthem because I don?t know how it works.


5) How much have you heard about the underground scene in India from your DJ friends who have traveled here recently? Tell us some stories.


I didnt really know what was going on over here , but I?m here now and it looks very promising.


6) Your sets are a mixture of deep and chilled out vibes. Is that something you love doing? What thought process do you put before deciding what you are going to play tonight?


I don?t really have a thought process I just go with the moment and my feelings and sometimes the crowd. Because I don?t know what I?m going to do until I?m there and feel the vibe and emotion.


7) How has the experience with Innervisions been? How much are Dixon and Am involved in the label decisions? Have they been great bosses to work for?


Experience with Innervisions has been great! I see Innervisions as one of the key players in the scene. And also I love what they are doing and how their vision is in terms of releases. ..artwork and lost in the moment parties. I don?t know much about Dixon and Ame ? because I don?t work with them directly!




8) What can we expect from your set in Mumbai?


Good vibes!

You can find more info on the event HERE.



BY Willis Rosario

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