CME Sit-Down : Wiz Khalifa

CME Sit-Down : Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa along with Jason Derulo and Martin Garrix are all set to make India dance to their tunes at TimeOut72 in just a few days time and as the days get closer the excitement just seems to be going through the roof and now we've got a little something more to take that excitement to a whole new level. We had a little chat with Wiz Khalifa and got to ask him a few things about his expectations for his debut performance in India and a lot more, you can read the full interview below.


Do you follow Bollywood music?

Yes I have heard of Bollywood. I don't know a ton about it but it looks dope!


Do you have any plans of collaborating with artistes here?

I don't currently have any specific plans but I am always open to working with dope artist no matter where they are from.



How differently are you preparing for your set in India as compared to other countries? 

Every show is about the people. So I will know once I'm there what I think the fans want to see from me. And then bring it!


You had said that you have heard a lot about India from your friends. Could you please share a few stories with us? 

I had just heard their personal experiences and the differences between India and America. I am more looking forward to creating my own stories.


Your songs, See You Again, Sucker For Pain, Black And Yellow etc are quite popular in India. What has been the best compliment you got for the song especially from your Indian fans? How much do you interact with them? 

The internet is an amazing tool for me to connect with my audience.  I love that I can connect globally with my audience and I watch closely how people react to my music and use that to drive me forward. And I love the chance to perform. It’s a great way to stay connected and interact with my fans.



You have openly spoken about your liking for marijuana. India is known for some amazing strains of marijuana and hashish. Are you planning to try some, while you are here in India?   

We gotta get some Khalifa Kush over to you guys one day.


In general, what inspires you to create a new track? How do you think about the music? 

Really the music just comes to me. Once I hear what I'm going to be working on I can't stop my brain from coming up with what needs to come out.


This is your maiden visit to India. Do you have a familiarity with the ways of this land? Many people world over often talk about how this is one country they want to explore. However, for you as an individual, is this a country you’ve wanted to visit at some point?

I’m excited to visit India. I am keeping an open mind and going to embrace the culture as soon as I land.



We are certainly counting down the days and are already packing our bags for Goa and we suggest that you do so as well. If you haven't already, tickets are still on sale so you can grab one for yourself on any one of the links below. Untill then stay tuned as we bring you a lot more from TimeOut72.


BY Gaurav Kedia

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