CME Sit-Down : Weird Sounding Dude

CME Sit-Down : Weird Sounding Dude

Abhijith Hegde, the Bangalore based producer who goes by the moniker Weird Sounding Dude is making a comeback on Juicebox Music with a 5-track EP. Titled 'Arcade' the EP has some really smooth and melodic underetones to it. Abhijith will also be doing an India Tour this month to celebrate the release of the EP alongside Juicebox Music residents, Praveen Achary and Greg Tomaz. We invited Abhijit to ask him what is so weird about his sound amongst other things. Read the full interview here.



Hi Abhijith, how have you been?

Hi guys, thanks for having me over and for the feature. I’m doing great, hope you guys are well too. I am just prepping up for my upcoming EP’s three-city promotional tour where I’ll be playing in Bangalore (Tao Terrace), Hyderabad (Le Vantage Cafebar) & Kochi (Unwind at Holiday Inn)

First things first, what is so weird about your sound? How did you come up with this moniker?

Haha! I get asked this a lot, but to be honest, there isn’t much weirdness happening in my sounds however I am trying to make it unique by developing a signature sound. About the moniker when I started out DJing, I was into minimal techno, and I felt ‘Weird Sounding Dude’ would make up to a great stage name, fast forward few years, I found my love for Progressive & Deep House and I went on to stick to the same artist name as its pretty unique and cool :)


Tell us something about your new 5-track EP, Arcade. What is the story behind this EP?

Well, I was going through a creative block for a really long time, haha! These tracks are really close to my heart as they helped me to regain my confidence in my productions and help me break through that creative block. In 2017, Juicebox Music were planning to put together a year-end compilation, they invited me over to contribute a track for it, and I ended up sending all 5 tracks. They scrapped the compilation idea and selected 3 tracks from the bunch, and then after a few changes and discussing the concept, they ended up signing all 5 tracks.





This EP is sort of a homecoming on Juicebox Music. Your first release on Juicebox Music  garnered support from the likes of CID Inc, Hernan Cattaneo and many more artists. Could you tell us more about your relationship with the Juicebox Music team?

I have been trying to make a comeback for the label since my first appearance, but yeah,  like I mentioned earlier - “Damn the creative block”, haha! Praveen & Greg, who run Juicebox, are family. Great folks to hang out with and share ideas, discussions and moreover, they are very helpful and have always been there for me.


You have released your music some really serious labels like Traum, Stripped Recordings and ofcourse Juicebox. What would you advise young budding producers who are not able to get a break with a record label.

‘Patience’ is the key and furthermore, get your technical aspects sorted in your productions. Find the right labels which suit your sound. Spend time listening to the label’s catalog and do a little background research about the label. Keep the demo mail short and simple with a little personal touch to it. One last thing would be - no matter how difficult it gets NEVER GIVE UP, rejections are part of life, push them aside and keep moving forward :)


You have been a part of Bangalore’s amazing electronic dance music scene for a while now. Tell us more about it.

Bangalore’s scene is really picking up right now, there are a lot of good parties happening almost every weekend which satisfies everybody with a different taste bud for music. You get to listen to a lot of extremely talented local and international acts alike. I have had the privilege to work with some amazing curators in the city like Subkltr, Indivibe, Afterworx, Deep Dictionary & many others. Big ups to these guys for curating some amazing parties & keeping the culture going <3


With the Arcade EP, you have explored into the more deeper spectrum of dance music. Do you feel, Deep House has been a key player in shifting the focus of the electronic dance music community’s from Big Room EDM?

I have always had a soft spot for the deeper spectrum of sounds. There is a lot happening, in terms of musically and emotionally, with a solid groove and I always loved that part about deep sounds, it leaves an impact on your soul. It’s not just deep house, but there are many more genres involved that have played a key role from shifting the focus of Big Room EDM.

What can we expect from you in 2018?
Music, music and more music. Haha! So far, I have few remixes and a couple of EP’s lined up which should be out sometime this year. Also, I will be making a come back on a couple of labels I worked in the past and hopefully, do more gigs :)



BY Rahul Rane

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