CME Sit-Down : Ash Roy & Tuhin Mehta

CME Sit-Down : Ash Roy & Tuhin Mehta

Tuhin Mehta & Ash Roy, are stalwarts of the Indian Underground Music Scene. The two of them have been instrumental in building the scene and bringing it to what it is. Between the two of them they carry more than 45 years of experience in the industry, a big chunk of which has been spent on making the scene a better place for the next generation. Tuhin has been a big supporter of homegrown talent and is behind the splendid Go : Madras festival that takes place every year and is a great platform for a lot of Homegrown artists to showcase their talent alongside some of the biggest names from the global underground music community. Tuhin has also been hosting his own podcast - The Index where he curates some great music for his audience. With a cheerful personality and serious focus on his music, he is one of the most likeable and respected DJs in India. Ash Roy on the other hand has been running his own label, Soupherb with good friend Ashvin Mani Sharma. Ash has been exploring music in different corners of the world and has represented India across the world. In 2017, Ash Roy was one of the two artists from the India that played at Awakenings Festival the other being Arjun Vagale. Ash has also played some of the biggest festivals in India. 



Next week, Ash Roy & Tuhin Mehta will be playing a special B2B set at the Awakenings Stage at Vh1 Supersonic Festival in Pune. This set will be a special once as the duo will be replicating this partnership in a few months at Awakenings Festival 2018. Ash and Tuhin will be playing at the Area A on Sunday, July 01 alongside Henrik Schwarz, Patrick Topping, Seth Troxler and more. We invited Ash & Tuhin to have a chat with us before they take over Vh1 Supersonic next week. We discussed how they are preparing for their set and about their music and plans for 2018. Read the full interview below.


Hello Boys! Great to you have you with us. On a scale of 1 to Untz how excited are you about Vh1 Supersonic?


Tuhin : Excitement levels are at UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ!


Ash : I’m more of a This Thing That Thing This Thing That Thing This Thing That Thing This Thing That Thing This Thing That Thing This Thing That Thing This Thing That Thing …Guy :D and it’s Peaking. 



How are you feeling now, Tuhin? You spent a few months recovering from an accident. Did that time off help you get more time in your studio? Work on your sets for 2018?


Tuhin: I'm feeling much better now. Its been a tough two & half months though. I've only started walking slowly with a crutch a few days ago and I have at least a few more months to be completely recovered. Nevertheless, my spirits are high and im VERY amped for Vh1 Supersonic! I've got some brand new music that I've just finished up & a LOT of music that I've dug up in my free time. Music that moves my soul. Looking forward to sharing all of that at the festival and beyond!



Ash, you played last year at Awakenings and you will be back again this year. How was the experience? Tuhin, how are you preparing for this year at Awakenings? 


Ash : Absolutely brilliant. Like a dream come true. Only festival in the world that has the best Techno line up. Playing for a large audience from different parts of the world that are only there for Techno is a mind blowing experience.


Tuhin: My focus is to bring my A-game for Awakenings, it's my first time there and I've always believed that leading with the heart is the best way forward! I will be back in the studio putting together some brand new music as well. As a unit, Ash & I will bring our collective repertoire & experience to keep the Indian flag flying high!





You guys are doing a B2B at Vh1 Supersonic once again and then at Awakenings. How different is it than preparing for a solo set?


Tuhin: Ash & I have played a couple of B2B sets before and they’ve always been more than fun. It's nice to blend both our sonic spectrums and create something unique for the audience.  The great thing about a B2B is that there are two brains and hearts working at the same time so essentially its double the fun!


Ash : Totally agree with Tuhin.  We are going to be fusing our different styles and incorporating live elements such as Percussions & Vocals.



What is the current hardware setup that you use for your gigs? Are you going to experiment with something new at Awakenings this year?


Tuhin: Our hardware setup is going to be pretty expansive this year. Apart from the CDJs & DJM that are standard,  Ash will be bringing his Handsonica & VT3 (Voice Transformer) and I will be bringing my battery of RMXs & the brand new sampler from Pioneer called the DJS-1000.



Both of you are stalwarts of the Indian Underground Music scene. Over these years, what are some of the significant changes that you have seen?


Tuhin: The underground has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years and that’s a very good thing.  I think if we focus on creating our own sound instead of aping the west we will do India proud. The Italians have their sound, the Germans have theirs & the Dutch have theirs, its time for India now!


Ash : 100% agree with Tuhin. Just to give you an example if you go through our Soupherb Records catalogue you will discover that we focus on an unique sound. We have a mix of Indian and International artists on board but each and eveyone of them express themselves in their own unique way and that’s what we believe in.





Tuhin, your podcast The Index has been doing great over the years. Do you have any plans to take it to the next level in 2018?


Tuhin : This June will be 5 years of The Index and yes, I do plan on a proper celebration for the same.  I just have to figure out when exactly as Awakenings is at the end of June as well. Have spoken to a bunch of friends from around the world to contribute guest mixes and who knows , maybe a tour or two as well ;)



So what can your fans expect from your set at the Awakenings stage at Vh1 Supersonic?


Tuhin : Expect a little bit of everything! Groove, melody, percussion, vocals & a boatload of energy!


Ash : High energy Hybrid set = Awakened ;)



Ash Roy & Tuhin Mehta will be playing on the Awakenings Stage at Vh1 Supersonic on the 10th of February. Get your tickets for the festival HERE.



BY Rahul Rane

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