CME Sit-Down: Roger Sanchez

CME Sit-Down: Roger Sanchez

From a humble beginning in NYC to multi-year residencies in Ibiza; from digging in dusty crates to headlining festival main-stages around the world, Roger is truly a self-made man and and dance music star. The crafting of Roger Sanchez, the DJ, started in the late 80s in Corona, Queens, where as a young man he was enticed by the early roots of hip-hop sprouting all over New York. Attending parties by the Bronx River and other jams as a break-dancer and graffiti artist, Sanchez was introduced to DJ’ing through friends, trying his hand in an organic environment where his creativity behind the decks flourished from a few singles into an ambitious catalogue of over two thousand original productions and remixes. Today, there is not a single person who follows the scene who doesn't know of Sanchez. From the biggest of clubs and festivals, Roger has managed to leave an imprint wherever he goes. We had the chance to sit down with this legend and speak to him about the current state of House music and a lot more!


Hello Roger, thank you for taking the time to have a chat with us. Where are you right now and how are you doing?


I’m in London now preparing for my weekend shows in Southampton and Maidstone



What does House Music mean to you?


House has been the soundtrack to my life for quite some time now. It has helped to form who I am as an artist and a person as well



You have been a part of the Defected Records family for years now. Could you tell us more about your association with them?


I have known Simon Dunmore from the days before he started Defected and he has always had an unerring sense of what connects with people in this music and a total love and dedication to House music



Croatia has become an annual retreat for the Defected Crew including yourself since several years. How was the idea of Defected Croatia conceived? How has the journey been so far?


I remember Simon mentioning the idea of doing a festival in Croatia quite some time ago and thinking that this could be the future of where clubbing was moving in Europe. Since then I’ve seen it grow exponentially and I’ve felt the love of the audience that attends it every year and its truly amazing




This year you will be playing at Creamfields on Thursday and also at Cream Classical In The Park. Could you tell your fans what they can look forward to at these shows?


I’ll be presenting Classic House in a very current way- I call it my House Classics Remixed shows- full of energy and tribal rhythms!



There have many genres of electronic dance music that have come and become dormant over the last few decades but House Music has been a mainstay. What is the reason behind this according to you?


I believe House is the foundation of most of the current Dance Music styles and as such, one always comes back to the foundation to build the next sound. It always comes back to House



You started your career when the technology part of dance music was still in a nascent stage. How you do you think the evolution of technology used in electronic dance music helped you over the years or made some things difficult?


The evolution of the technology to create music has allowed to remain creative during an intense period of touring. Djs NEVER come off tour, unlikr Rock bands, so its important to create on the move and new tech allows me to do this





With an ever-demanding touring schedule and the need for studio time, artists commonly neglect their own well being. What are some of the daily routines you have followed over the years to maintain a good balance between health and career?


I try to watch my diet, I don’t smoke or do drugs and I try to maintain a discipline of finding time to work out. It isn’t always easy but nothing worthwhile is ever easy ; )



Which city would you call the current mecca of house music in the world?


London is still the Mecca of House music and has been for quite some time. Chicago and New York used to be a while ago but I think House traded its passport in for a British one some time ago-lol! That being said, there are more places developing strong House scenes so I suspect House may have multiple properties all over the world! ; )



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