CME Sit-Down : Nick Warren

CME Sit-Down : Nick Warren

Nick Warren is one of the most respected DJs in the world right now. With a career spanning over more than 2 decades, Warren has been consistently delivering good music as a DJ/Producer and as a label boss at Sound Garden. We recently spoke to Nick after his brilliant set at Epizode Festival in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. 

We spoke about his label, life touring around the world, his love for extended sets and more. Read the full interview below.


1. Hi Nick, welcome to CME, how are you doing today?

I am doing good today, Thank you! Flying all the way from Argentina, 5 flights but yea loving it here.


2. We believe this is your first year at epizode, what have you heard about the festival before and did it live up to your expectations?

I heard lots of positive things about the festival, firstly the festival looks really great. They have put in a lot of efforts in the artwork, lights, stages and the sound.


3. You have been touring for more than 2 decades now, and we are sure it’s a hectic schedule. How do you manage to balance the family life + touring together?

Well managing the family life has become pretty easy now, my daughter is 21 years old so she does not live with us anymore and my wife tours with me across the world. It does get a bit stressful as it involves spending a lot of time on flights and in hotels but its part and parcel of the job.


4. Tonight you played a 3 hour set, but nick warren is known to play much longer sets and build a musical Journey for the fans. How do you set the journey of a set which is quite shorter compared to the longer ones?

A festival set has to be always different from normal sets because there are 3 – 4 stages and people normally tend to wander between stages so you have to make sure you hold the crowd throughout the set. You cannot spend 90 minutes going deep and have to be little faster in your mixes and maintain the pace and energy.



5. Sound Garden is a label which is dream for every artist to release their material. How does the process at the label work? Are you completely in control of selecting the tracks that are released on the label? Or there is a team behind it shortlisting the tracks for you and make it less time consuming?

I listen to every single track that is sent to the label and do the selection myself. These artists are sending their music to sound garden and to Nick warren so I believe I owe it to them to listen to each track. I also make it a point to give feedback on each track. In this process we end up signing way too much music, just to give you an idea our schedule is already full for 2019. Our original plan was to have one release per month but there is so much good music that we have signed so we are planning to release a 6 track ep every 3 months. This helps give more exposure to all the artists on the label.


6. You played a track named Kilimanjaro from Dimuth K who is a Sri Lankan artist. You have also toured Indian sub continent multiple times, what do you think about the potential of Asian producers and what are your views about the music scene in India?

I feel that Sri Lanka is the progressive house mafia, they have an excellent scene building up in the country and some really great producers like Dimuth K. Lot of artists in India as well have started to produce quality progressive house tunes and I also feel that this scene is only going to grow in coming years. India will continue to be a very important market for international DJs and the progressive house scene will need to be continually fed new music by the home grown artists. Its only when the home grown artists will become internationally known that the scene will explode.



7. You have been playing extended sets with Herrnan and guy j a lot. Is there any artist you would want to do an extended b2b in future which has never been done before?

To be honest, No! Off late I have been playing b2b sets with Hernan very frequently and I really enjoy doing that. So I don’t think there is any other artist with whom I would want to play a b2b set.


8. Any new artists signed on sound garden we should look out for in 2019?

There are 2 young producers named Oliver & Tom from Argentina whom we have signed onto the label and there is also a duo called Analog Jungs.

BY Nikhil Sharma

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