CME Sit-Down: FuzzCulture

CME Sit-Down:  FuzzCulture

Claiming its fame as an unmissable experimental electronic project in the scene, FuzzCulture is the one-man show of Arsh Sharma, whose sound is defined by it's motif grungy rock riffs set against pop-heavy electronica tunes! Originally born out of Delhi, FuzzCulture has performed at prime shows and festivals, nationwide and overseas since its inception - Reunion Island , NH7 Weekender, Red Bull Tour Bus to name a few. It is the amalgamation of razor-sharp electronic effects with live drums, guitar and vocals that has deemed FuzzCulture as a continually surprising live act. Recently, his track "Toast of the Town" from his brand new album "Escape To Where You're Wanted" made it big on the Vh1 Sound Nation League polls! We use the opportunity to sit down with him and talk about all things music!




1. Hey Arsh! It’s great to be speaking to you! How has the year been treating you till date?


The year has been pretty awesome so far, we just released our new album. It did really well on the Apple Music charts and on YouTube, we built up some more friends for the band and now looking forward to playing live and taking the show on the road!



2. You very recently released your second full length album, “Escape to where you’re wanted”. Congratulations on that! How has the response to the album been?


Thank you so much :) !The response actually has been pretty good, we did really well on the apple charts and the videos have done well on YouTube and Vh1. The reviews have been mostly positive and I’m happy that a lot of the people have turned on to FuzzCulture for the first time and are finding it interesting. I’m looking forward to taking the show live now to different cities and seeing how people react.





3. From where did you derive inspiration for the album? And what was the idea behind the name?


The album is like a diary or a memento from various different stages of ups and downs I went through over the last three years with shifting cities , losing and finding relationships , and generally going through quite an unpredictable and crazy time in life. The title is something I really feel, which is find your clan, find the people who believe in you and escape to where they are and where you connect. The title track also features the same theme, which is to leave what you had in the search of something better.



4. Do you think the Indian audience is willing to experiment with their music preferences off late? What do you think is the cause behind this transition?


I think the Indian audience is definitely open to a lot of new stuff, part of that is because of so much music that is available to all of us today! We are constantly being pushed with new music and new ideas down our libraries, playlists and with online platforms and the niche and compartmentalization of various music tastes has definitely begun in India, which is great for experimentation.



5. What is your preferred medium of discovering new music?


For me I ask a lot of friends, I go through a ton of YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify playlists and I bookmark anything I find interesting. It’s definitely just constantly listening and saving what strikes me as interesting.



6. What does the rest of the year have in store for you?


 There are a lot of plans, we have a bunch of gigs and shows coming up which Will definitely occupy the second half of the year. Besides that I’m working on a ton of new music , collaborations and remixes and over the next year or year and a half or so you guys will hear a lot of music coming out of the Fuzzculture camp!


Go ahead and vote for FuzzCulture for Vh1 Sound Nation League and make him win! For more information, click here


BY Shivani Murthy

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