CME Sit-Down : Einmusik

CME Sit-Down : Einmusik

Einmusik has made quite the mark for himself since the beginning of his career. An excellent craftsman in the studio, Samuel Kindermann aka Einmusik is highly lauded by his peers. Kindermann has released some massive tracks on labels like Noir Music, Kittball and Katermukke while slowly building up his label Einmusika Recordings. His sets are known to carry that trademark Berlin Techno vibe and are always perfect when it comes to track selection. 


Einmusik comes to India this weekend for sLick! 's annual gathering 'A Day Of sLick!'. We invited him to have a chat with us before he takes over Khar Social. We spoke about his music, his daily routine, inspirations and much more. Read the full interview below.


Welcome to India, Samuel. How are you? Are you excited to be here?

Thank you, I'm fine. I had a long flight, but I'm super super excited and curious how India is partying. I only heard good stories and India is so rich in culture and history. So, let's see what this first tour comes up with.



How do you feel about the year 2017? What were some of the positives and negatives in the year for you?

The last year was stunning, for me personally and for my labels Einmusika Rec. and Ein2. So finally I'm really happy how everything developed in 2017. We brought a lot of new and upcoming artists and presented diverse longplayers and compilations. All in all we got such an amazing feedback about our work from around the world. So we actually are refreshed to continue our passion in 2018. A negative thing about 2017 was the rise of a lot of hate and mistrust in this world. That's why celebrating a good time together during a party became so important for all of us, no matter what colour, religion, ethnic and origin. It maybe can help to escape a bit the madness and to balance your soul.


Your music is never restricted to a particular genre, you always cruise through the different spectrums of House, Techno, Deep House. Is that a conscious method?

Yes, I never felt related to one niche of music only, but it's totally not a method. I'm never making so much plans before composing and producing in my studio. I always try to just letting the music floating. In the end I really don't care about any seasonal sounds and styles. For young artists this is as well one of best advices I can give. Just to follow your own heart makes you finally happy.


Your album ‘Serenade’ received a lot of support from other artists and your fans alike. Could you tell us more about the album? What inspired it?

Originally it was planned to come up with a mini album of 5-7 songs, a ‘Serenade’. But I had such a productive time that I suddenly had like 14-16 songs ready and I definitely couldn't pick my favourite songs out of it. So we decided to bring a ‘Serenade’ in two movements. The first movement is clearly focussed on the dancefloor and shows a nice range of diverse sub dance genres and styles. The second movement is more the listening part, for example when you sitting in an airplane or a train you totally can dream away with your headphones and the musical journey behind it.





You also do Live sets every now and then, could you tell us some of the challenges that you face during such Live sets?

Most of my sets I'm doing a live performance. For this you obviously need enough own material which is worth to present it. A second and a big challenge is to compete with the already mastered songs which coming out of the CDJs from the DJ before and after you. Generally you can't relate both, DJing and a live performance. But when your output is less louder (because it's live) then the DJ it's not good for no one and nothing. So you have to work on a similar punch at your levels, this is still challenging, also after 12 years. Additionally you have to do both, concentrating on your equipment and doing a show at the same time, and you only have two hands. But after some experience you get used to it and it becomes fun.


Tell us something about your music label Einmusika. How is it doing right now? Which are some the artists that you would love to feature on you label?

Originally I started with Einmusika 10 years ago to have a nice platform to bring my own musical vision and to support friends and upcoming talents. Today Einmusika became super busi and with a propper and good team we run it on a daily basis. I'm really proud of all the lovely response we're constantly getting from everywhere and of all the amazing releases that are part of this great story. One big thread for us is to primarily listen to the music that comes to us, and then at the second step we check who is the artist behind. That's why I don't make so much plans of artist feature on the label. The richness and diversity of the music is more important then the name who did it.




What does a typical day in the life of Einmusik look like?

After having 2 or 3 teas in the morning I'm normally checking my emails and profiles of diverse social media platforms. Then I'm having breakfast and maybe a walk with my dog. Then I drive to my studio and labels office to warm up all instruments to start my creative day which mostly ends around 8oc in the evening. In between I'm often visited by good friends and colleges and I'm having some label or press media meetings. At the evening I'm normally cooking with friends or just relax at home. On fridays I normally leave Berlin to my shows at the weekend around the world.


Catch Einmusik at A Day Of sLick! this weekend at Khar Social. You can RSVP to the event HERE



Get your tickets HERE.

BY Rahul Rane

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