CME Sit-Down: Dante Klein

CME Sit-Down:  Dante Klein

Max Krul, better know by his stage name, Dante Klein, is one young producer who most of the fans of Electronic Dance Music are familiar with. Having released club hits such as "Let Me Hold You", "The Way I Love You" and many more, we see him collaborating with India's Greff for a rager of a summer anthem "Don't Know Shit". We sit down with the man of the hour and get him to answer a few questions for us. Read on!



Hey Dante! It’s great to be speaking to you! Firstly, congratulations for the release! How has the response to “Don’t Know Shit” till date?


Hi thank you so much! The track is doing well, it's getting a lot of positive comments from fans which of course means so much!


How did the concept for the track come about?


We wanted to do a track for a while already and we started out by sending ideas back and forth between our studios. Then a few things stuck, we started building on those, putting our own sounds on each part of the track and listening to it grow, trying it out in the clubs and at festivals, making changes, getting new ideas, you know how it goes  then you reach a point where you're finally happy with the track and it's time to share it with everyone.





How was the experience like working with Greff?


Even though we live quite a lot of miles apart, the communication went really well. These days it's so easy to share work with other artists, it's almost like being in the same place. It was a good working experience, you can tell by the end result that we had a lot of fun making it.



If you could get any artist to remix “Don’t Know Shit”, who would you pick and why?


I would pick Dillon Francis, for sure, he makes sick remixes!


Can we expect to see you’ll collaborate again in the future?


Of course! When you enjoy working with another producer so much, and the end result is so good, it makes sense to see what else you can come up with.


What is one thing you like about the music industry on the whole and one thing you don’t particularly like?


I love the way artists work together so closely. Sometimes when you're alone in your studio day after day working on music it's easy to feel isolated. Working with other artists, getting their contributions, their creativity, it makes it a much more interesting experience. We're young, we're working in music, it should be fun! 


What does the rest of 2019 hold in store for you?


I’m making a lot of music at the moment! Prepare for a lot of new DK tracks coming your way soon, I'm really excited to see what happens! 



Grab your copy of "Don't Know Shit" here


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