Heren’s remix package will take you a tropical paradise.

Since 2016 HEREN has devoted himself to his own music, choosing to focus on the creation of productions and remix compositions in line with his own creativity. Having previously worked with artists that include Deep Dish’s Sharam, Dragonette and many others, HEREN has shown himself to be as successful as a collaborator as he is working individually.

Garnering over two million streams worldwide, HEREN’s latest single ‘Here & Now’ has shown impressive pace for the relative newcomer from Barcelona. With support steadily growing momentum across Europe and South America, the single is now accompanied by a trio of new remixes that serve up new musical directions for the popular club hit.

The original, released back in September 2016, features an instantly catchy vocal that fuses well with a pacy, dance-pop vibe layered over a rhythmical bass line. Now HEREN releases the official remix package for ‘Here & Now’, and what’s in store for fans is a sumptuous offering of musical delights!


Armada Deepregular Embody takes lead on the remix package providing a tropical-flavored twist with some splicing to the original’s likeable melodic tone, adding in additional percussive grooves to give the track a flared stride of energy. German-based Ramón Esteve also steps up with a UK-bass-led remix, adding a new atmospheric twist to the single. HEREN also puts in a remix appearance this time opting for a gutsier take. Expect bass heavy drops, some playful EQ’ing and audio flicks for an entirely new effect!

So far the single has been climbing radio playlists and iTunes charts in France, Sweden, Norway, Ecuadorand Chile, as well as becoming one of the 50 most viral tracks in Argentina, Spain, Chile and México, proving the track has a lot more momentum ahead of it.

Grab the package here

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