Coldplay, Jay Z, A R Rahman and more! All on one stage at the Global Citizen Festival, India.

The phenomenal Global Citizen Festival sets foot in India this November and we could not have imagined a bigger lineup than this! Coldplay, Jay Z, A R Rahman, Farhan Akhtar, Arijit Singh and more will be headlining the festivals debut edition in Mumbai on the 19th of November 2016.


The news of Coldplay performing in Mumbai has been doing the rounds for quite a while now and fans have been going crazy over all the latest updates. Last night, Global Citizen project made it official by announcing that Coldplay will indeed be headlining the property’s debut edition in India. Global Citizen has been a front runner in standing up for a cause and gathering a massive support from a vast audience across the globe while doing so. They have been taking strides in organizing massive scale events for noble causes like poverty, education, environmental issues and more. Last week Global Citizen confirmed that they will be bringing their globally renowned format for the Global Citizen festival to India and giving fans a chance to attend Coldplay Live by standing up for social causes and supporting the project’s efforts of making this world a better place to  live in.


The Global Citizen Festival runs in a format where fans have to perform a set number of tasks each week in order to earn points which they can later redeem against goodies and freebies like a Coldplay Ticket. The fans will have to go to and sign up to be a Global Citizen and earn points by completing these tasks. The tasks range from signing petitions for social causes to sending emails to the government for supporting a change to sharing the different causes and events on their social media channels. Each task earns a set number of points and the task list gets refreshed every week. The fans can also earn more points by referring their friends to join the movement.


Over and above the free tickets, the festival also sells a limited VIP and VVIP tickets for those who love the red carpets. The entire proceedings from these tickets goes towards charity and we absolutely love the fact that something of this scale is happening right here in India.

Earlier today, the Global Citizen Festival officially announced the full lineup. We were as elated as you to see the likes of Jay Z , A R Rahman, Farhan Akhtar, Aamir Khan and a ton of Indian film and media personalities on the lineup. The festival will host the legendary rapper Jay Z for the first time in India and also Allah Raakha Rahman, the legend whom we cannot miss!


This is what Global Citizen is all about! Watch This Video now!

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