Gareth Emery gives us “1000 Reasons to live”

Gareth Emery has found the perfect way to celebrate the tireless dedication and loyalty of his fans. The UK dance music pioneer turned to Facebook and asked his fans to send in their selfies for the cover of his new remix album: ‘1000 Reasons To Live’. As the remix album sees its release on Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music today, so does the artwork, referring to his fans as Gareth Emery’s ‘1000 Reasons To Live’. 


So for the remix album of ‘100 Reasons To Live’, I want YOU guys on the cover”, Gareth Emery stated in his request on Facebook. “Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am, and I want to say thank you. We are going to create an amazing collage with all of you.

1000 Reasons To Live’ is the remix album of ‘100 Reasons To Live’, Gareth Emery’s third and latest artist album. The remix album spotlights no less than twenty tracks, featuring proven remixes as well as new takes on the artist album’s stunning originals. Some of the most talented artists of today have contributed to the remix album, including Nicolas HaelgMatt FaxBen NickyLuke ChableSebastienAlex SonataVigel, and more.

You can buy or Stream 1000 Reasons To Live HERE.

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