Sensation is back this year with a whole new format “SENSATION RISE”

Sensation is back this year with a whole new format “SENSATION RISE”

Sensation is back after a successful first year back in 2016 and is heading back to India this year armed with a whole new concept “SENSATION RISE” that is all set to take place on the 12th of October at the same venue at which it took place the last time, the Gachibowli stadium.

Hailing from Amsterdam, the festival is said to symbolize the message of freedom and rebirth through certain elements, including water fountains and white light. It is known for hosting shows that represent different atmospheres, among them The Ocean Of White, Celebrate Life and Inner Space. For the first time in history, Sensation broke its’ tradition of premiering a new show in Amsterdam, and travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil on March 31st for the grand debut. RISE will tour through 4 continents and will be hosted by over 13 countries through 2018 and continue its tour in 2019.



Moving away from the centre stage, with "Rise" Sensation aims to start the new era by breaking free from the worries and struggles of daily life, letting go and rising above them all for the ultimate euphoria all with the aim to bring you to a higher state of mind. The Preregistration for the event kicks off on the 15th of July on After which the club members will be given first access to get their hands on the early bird tickets that go on sale on the 26th of July.

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BY Willis Rosario

NEWS / 9 months