New Religion : An amalgamation of 8 spectrums to form a beauty!

New Religion : An amalgamation of 8 spectrums to form a beauty!

Music, it primarily stands for represents unity in it's purest form. Hundreds of different notes, sounds and words coming together to blend into one beautiful journey which gives the listener a moment of euphoria. It is common for listeners to not think much about the composition of a track but when you actually break it down, the result will blow you away. It's this power of music that has brought together people of different spectrums of life and made itself an Universal Religion. 


Mumbai's fast rising Independent Music Label - nrtya has been making waves in the dance music scene off late. They have been providing a much needed platform for independent artists to showcase their talent while ensuring their music doesn't land up in a folder somewhere on a promoter's laptop but instead reaches the right audience via social media and streaming platforms. nrtya's latest release is a Hip Hop release that is the epitome of everything the label stands for, featuring 8 artists from Mumbai, Kolkata, Ranchi and New York who come from a multitude of Hip-Hop soundscapes, languages, varied strata of society and from different backgrounds collaborating with each other to create this track. This unique and interesting amalgamation of 8 different artists to form a brilliant track is quite fascinating. 


You can listen to the track here  and also read more about the artists who are a part of this project.



New Religion  is a collaboration of epic proportions with 8 other Indian rap artists - Tienas, Cizzy, Jay Killa, Gravity, Kav-E, Nihal Shetty and the Accountant. It is a multilingual rap anthem with darker undertones. Tre Ess produced the beat with the idea of treating it as a living, breathing entity; the beat changes and molds according to each rapper’s lyrics or flows.  From it’s humble beginnings, Indian Hip Hop has come a long way, NEW RELIGION is a clear representation of what the future holds, with rappers showcasing more versatility than ever before.


Tre Ess | English | Ranchi -

Based out of Ranchi, Jharkhand Tre Ess is a Producer/Rapper/Sound Engineer known for a distinct experimental sound combining Hip-Hop with multiple genres. Ever since his first tape, Tre has been a vocal advocate of mental health, emphasizing how important it is for us to deal with our mental illnesses in the right way. Being on the wrong side of addiction, Tre sees honesty being the most important factor in his writings. Tre conceptualized ‘NEW RELIGION’ with the goal to bring underrated cats to the forefront and showcase the growth of Hip-Hop in every corner of the country. Tre handled the production and engineering of the track alongside performing two verses on it.


Jay Kila | English | New York –

Based out of New York, Jay is a rapper who is always branching out in different art forms whether it’s dancing or acting. Described as a modern day Beastie Boy, Jay Kila's alternative style of hip-hop combines rapid-fire delivery and witty lyrics to create party anthems guaranteed to get a crowd going. His work has been featured in Rolling Stone India, Desi Hip-Hop, on The Today Show, as well as G4TV. He has opened for Wu-Tang Clan, Digable Planets, and KRS 1 – performing in France, Mumbai and touring in the US. NEW RELIGION was way out of his comfort zone, or so we thought. His smashing verse is a proof of his versatility. Jay also has a new web series called, ‘It’s All Professional’.


The Accountant and Nihal Shetty | English | Mumbai –

Hari Pilaka aka the Accountant is a Mumbai based former corporate accountant who made a drastic shift in his career path and now produces underground Rap and HipHop. Nihal Shetty is a professional singer and musician renowned for commercial playback and jingle work. Having trained in Hindustani classical music in his childhood, Nihal's fluid style is guided by Jazz, R&B, Funk and Pop. Both of them are corporate slaves turned rogue and also run a recording/mixing/production studio in Mumbai called 'The Stu'. They combine forces to form the stellar 5th verse of the track. 


Cizzy | Bengali | Kolkata -

Based out of Kolkata, Rounok Cizzy Chakraborty is the most prominent voice in bringing Bengali rap to the masses. Cizzy has dabbled in multiple projects with an exceptional ability to blend in with any style of music. Cizzy performs the introductory verse on the song. Cizzy, the pioneer of Bangla rap in Kolkata, started rapping way back in 2009. With 10 years of Hindustani Classical training and being born in a musical family, Cizzy has a very unique approach towards Hip Hop music. He has an inclination towards bangla folk and his music reflects that as well. He brought together the rap community of West Bengal and started a movement in Kolkata known as 'The Cypher Projekt' and already did collaborations with Believe Digital UK, Red FM, AIIS, etc. He recently released his debut album, 'Uposonghar Noy' as a part of a duo called 'StreetFood Music'. With numerous TV and radio appearances, Cizzy is a known face of Bangla Rap in India.



Gravity |  Hindi | Mumbai  - 

Gravity was  was shortlisted to appear on the track even before there was a beat. Tre’s favorite Hindi rapper in the country right now, Gravity is known for being a wordsmith. He’s been consistently evolving with every single track he has released and like Tienas, he’s also dropping his debut project this year. Representing the side of Indian Hip-Hop that many others have claimed to rep but few are as genuine. Gravity is based out of Mumbai and is also part of the collectives, Death Clutch Music and Bombay Lokal



Tienas (Azadi Records) | English | Mumbai -

Tienas is a rapper based out of Mumbai, repping Azadi Records. Tienas has steadily been releasing singles on YouTube which have been known to have a very smooth nonchalance. Since this particular song required a thematically aggressive approach, it was definitely interesting to see how Tienas would switch his style. Currently he is gearing up for the release of his debut EP. Tienas is also a part of the Bombay based Collective/Band/Crew - FTS Elementries.


Kav-E | English | Mumbai –

Kav-E is one of the few classic spoken word artists of Mumbai rap scene who notably stands out because of effortlessly switching to newer styles of Hip-Hop over time. Hailing from Goa, Kav-E has made a name for himself by rapping in his native tongue of Konkani but chose to rap in English for NEW RELIGION. Phenomenal flows come easy to him no matter what the language is. Kav-e is the first Monster battle champion for which got featured on Rolling Stone. He won the title twice and also was victorious in the battle championship at The Message and also garnered victor accolades for the Rap Wars at BITS, Pilani in Rajasthan. His struggle was captured in the hip hop documentary Breaking Bombay.

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