Nrtya is back with their “nrtya Showcase 002”

Nrtya is back with their “nrtya Showcase 002”

Nrtya made the anouncemnt today regarding the second edition of their signature art property “nrtya Showcase 002” scheduled to take place at Auro, Delhi on Sunday, November 18t​h​, 2018.

The showcase features an extensive line up of over 30 artists ranging from different fields including illustrators, photographers, painters, graphic designers, sculptors, visual artists, animators and more. Performing alongside them are 10 music acts, live and electronic, from diverse genres such as Alternative Indie, Alternative Hip Hop, Rap, Post Rock and Techno.


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The showcase is a space where art and artists are celebrated for their innovations, and features artists from all strata of society and stature. Be it upcoming or established artists. The aim is to create an ecosystem for artists to showcase their work independently, while also creating a space showcasing the role of advances in technology in the production and consumption of various art forms. While creating a dialog for their future.

To promote the same, the thought is to move away from the gallery based infrastructure that most upcoming artists are dependent on and have an entry-level barrier from being a part of. Hence, at the nrtya Showcase, the curation of the artists is done without any rental charge for space to showcase their work while at the same time no commission is charged on the sales made by the artists.

The origin of the showcase lies in the need to fill a gap in the endeavour to bring art into the mainstream dialog while taking the best from the entire art specturn. Where on one hand, exclusive, high end art galleries with an older demographic and collectible art, requires a formal education in art for artists to break through be a part of. And on the other hand, there are efforts to showcase art with it being the secondary focus in the integration. Hence, The aim of the showcase is to create a platform for upcoming and established artists to showcase their work as the primary focus for those present.

BY Willis Rosario

NEWS / 8 months