Maya Jane Coles Presents Brand New EP 'Waves & Whirlwinds'

Maya Jane Coles Presents Brand New EP 'Waves & Whirlwinds'

Maya Jane Coles continues to assert her musical prowess, dropping brand new EP 'Waves & Whirlwinds'. 

A woman who is very much on her own level, Maya Jane Coles has continued to demonstrate her distinctive ability to create beautifully crafted, forward thinking dance music. Remaining very much in charge of her own destiny, Maya presents her latest EP Waves & Whirlwinds, via her very own label, I/AM/ME.
Inaugural title track Waves & Whirlwinds provides a melodic and celestial intro to an otherworldly EP project. Moving forward, former single Don’t Leave introduces guitar-like synth lines and droning bass, building in pace and tempo to create an inescapable sense of anticipation. The listener is invited to stay tuned for the ensuing transmission.
With an eerie and sinister feel, third track and single Other Side forms the peak of the EP; brimming with emotion and euphoria. Elevating a bass driven house rhythm, with peculiar, angelic vocals. The listener is guided through a universe of twinkling synth lines and grungy dub elements. Onwards and upwards into Visionary, we are transported into a world of optimism. Coles lays out uplifting, driving synth chords peppered with signature droning dubby bass and subtle elements of funk.


Leading into Isolate, Coles plunges into the depths of her darker side. Signing off the EP with deep and dark, broken percussion and distorted vocal sounds, manifesting in a wholly sinister, downtempo experience.
Rounding off 2018, ‘Waves & Whirlwinds’ EP provides an interplanetary journey through the many moons of Maya Jane Coles’ boundary defying sound. The EP comes in the wake of an iconic moment for Maya, dropping EP single Don’t Leave unannounced, alongside brand-new material from her darker alias, Nocturnal Sunshine. Accruing support everywhere from Rinse FM to Reprezent Radio as well as continued BBC Radio 1 plays from Annie MacDiplo and Mistajamalong with a US Billboard premiere, Maya Jane Coles continues to keep her bar firmly raised.           

  1. Maya Jane Coles – Waves & Whirlwinds
  2. Maya Jane Coles – Don’t Leave
  3. Maya Jane Coles – Other Side
  4. Maya Jane Coles – Visionary
  5. Maya Jane Coles – Isolate  

Maya Jane Coles ‘Waves & Whirlwinds’ EP is OUT NOW via I/AM/ME

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