NOVA is finally here!!

NOVA is finally here!!

RL Grime’s new album NOVA is finally here!! After a long 4 years wait his follow-up to his last album VOID is finally out and we couldn’t be happier. Ever since we first heard him talk about a new album we’ve held our breaths waiting for word of a release date or a little more info about it and honestly listening to NOVA now we can just say one thing, It was damn worth the wait.


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After numerous delays dealing with the record labels and the collaborative artists on the album NOVA has finally gotten the go ahead and is now out and while RL has managed to hold on to the signature trap sounds that has made him one of the most sought-after artists in the industry there certainly is a lot of new things that we get to hear with NOVA. With collaborations with some huge names in the music industry such as Daya, Julia Micheals and Miguel, Grime has certainly showcased a lot in terms of his production skills with this album. While VOID was a bit toward the darker side of things, NOVA is actually quite the opposite. Although it still carries a few of the old elements and his signature style of production there is also a lot of new things that we have come to hear in this album which really just goes to show that this guy is just full of surprises. Ever since he released the first single off the album “I Wanna Know” with Daya, we knew that this album was not just going to be something different but was everything and a lot more that we we’re hoping it to be.


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You can listen to the album in its entirety here below and be sure to tell us what you think about the album as well and let’s just hope that RL manages to get his tour to India somehow in the next few months because we can only imagine how good these tracks are going to sound live played by the man himself!



BY Willis Rosario

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