Concept Shows from Electronic Dance Music artists that blew our minds in 2018!

Concept Shows from Electronic Dance Music artists that blew our minds in 2018!

Defy The Normal and you will make an impact! Seems like this has been the trend this year with electronic dance music artists across the world. Some of the biggest names in the industry have been brainstorming with their teams and coming up with special concept shows that are pushing the boundaries of the audio and visual aspects of dance music. Lasers, lights, smoke, holograms, pyro wonders, the list goes on. Every artists is focusing on creating something unique that sets them apart. We put together a list of such special concept shows that blew our minds in recent times. Some of them are technological wonders while some are as raw as it gets. Let us know which ones are your favourites.


Eric Prydz Presents Holo


Trust Eric Prydz to do something remarkably unique every year, with his music and with the visuals. Prydz's latest show concept called "HOLO" has been causing some SERIOUS mayhem on social media. The snippets posted by our fellow attendees have left us all awestruck. The Holographic Technology + Lord Prydz's Music is truly a breathtaking experience. Want to watch the complete HOLO show? Check the link below. 




Laserface : Gareth Emery


Lasers & Trance have always been the perfect fusion. And thats why Gareth Emery came up with LASERFACE, the show which is all about Trance & Lasers. We’re talking hundreds of state-of-the-art lasers and light beams. You can listen to his full laserface set here.




Deadmau5 : CUBE 2.1


Joel's CUBE 2.1 is a massive achievement of engineering and creativity. The cube has 42 panels, 16 independent XY servo motor systems with a reach of 3'5". The panels are capable of 5,000 NiT of brightness per panel at up to a 140° viewing angle with 281 Trillion colors. His shows were utilizing 386,031 frames of video running at 60 frames per second. The cube is tilted 45 degrees to front, and pitched down 35 degrees with a total height of 18.7' and weight of 10,500 pounds. Here's his track Let Go on Cube 2.1 for you.






Lane 8 : This Never Happened


Are we the only ones who feel a little distracted or separated from the music while recording it ? It's like we're more focused on the recording rather than LIVING the moment & truly experiencing it. Imagine a room where only thing which matters are the people in that room & good music, that's exactly what "This Never Happened" is all about. They tape your cameras before you enter the club. If "This Never Happened" happens in your city then make sure you attend it because its a letting go of everything moment as soon as you enter the club.



Richie Hawtin : Close 


Spontaneity & Synchronicity. These two factors makes a LIVE techno set electrifying. Legend Richie Hawtin shows us the difference between DJ'ing & live performances with his magical modular synths & controllers. "Close" is a 75 minute audio visual show which brings us closer to his unique style of performing. Hawtin works inside an array of tables- arranged in a semi-circle, loaded with gears -while six strategically-placed cameras share a live feed of his hands at work on a giant screen above and behind him. It's a real pleasure watching his skilled hand making the music live. Here's a quick look at how intimate and raw the CLOSE showcase was.




Porter Robinson : VIRTUAL SELF


From Deephouse to Techno & From Techno To Trance, Virtual Self sets are one heck of a ride. In an Interview, Porter says “Virtual Self was me trying to paint a picture of a very foggy, distorted memory that I had of electronic music on the internet". With his great sense in chords & melody, everything he does feels ethereal in a beautiful way. Listen to VIRTUAL SELF's Full Set Here.



These are some of our favourites from the last few months. We look forward to witnessing these mesmerizing shows soon and hope to get more such concept shows from more and more artists.

BY Raj Bhinde

NEWS / 10 months