All About : Red Axes

All About : Red Axes

Red Axes is Niv Arzi and Dori Sadovnik, two young men who have always lived in Tel-Aviv and have been making music together since the nineties. The duo are best known for their unique version of highly effective, modernized dance music infused with spiky guitars & industrial beats. In the last few years, Red Axes have carved a name for themselves as some of the most uncompromising & consistently diverse DJs-Producers. Their artistic travels have taken them from the rock scene to the dancefloors, and to creating an album.


Originally, the two were part of the band Red Cotton. Their musical obsessions were very distinct and have never really left them since: post-punk, new-wave, synth-pop, gothic rock, italo-disco and all the other styles with double-barrelled names that flourished in the underground of the western world at the turn of the 70s and 80s. They were barely born then, and Israel was hardly a promised land for these musical trends. After living in Amsterdam and traveling in Europe, the guys returned to Tel-Aviv and began an underground psychedelic electronic party series called "Break It!" which brought refreshing energy into the Tel Aviv scene.


In 2009, house and techno made a noisy entrance into their lives. They were DJs by then and Tel Aviv was all hedonism and crazy parties. Red Cotton was over and Red Axes began. They established a new vision and concept for all of their artistic endeavours - focusing on house, disco and techno. Several Red Axes EPs came out between 2009 and 2011.



In 2012 they released “Tour de Chile” EP on I’m a Cliché and another EP on the same label - “1970”, in addition to remixes and original tracks for La Belle or Clouded Vision and Days of being wild. 2013 continued with "Silver bed" Ep at I’m a Cliché and "Caminho De Dreyfus" Ep on Correspondant along side remixes for labels such as Kill the Dj and Throne of blood.

Their work in editing masterpieces and live-recordings helped them push their boundaries both as DJs and as producers.




The influence of the types of music they love – which aren’t limited to the one specific type – is inevitably present, but translates in unexpected ways. There’s a lot of maturity in their songs, memories, hashed-out feelings. This music could emanate from much older men; it brings on a certain saudade. But it’s never heavy and doesn’t rely on dusty clichés: Red Axes are very current and love to have fun above all else. They tread on ice with a certain elegance, ice that mustn’t crack or melt.


Catch Red Axes live at a day of Slick! On the 17th and 18th of February at Khar Social. Get your tickets here!

BY Shivani Murthy

NEWS / 9 months