Need a reason to attend LIC? Here's 5!

Need a reason to attend LIC? Here's 5!

LIC India is almost here after a long wait and the team over here at CME could not be more excited! With all of the good and exciting things that we have heard of the festival over the past few years we cannot wait to finally experience it all ourselves in just a few hours time. Incase you're still on two minds and heven't yet decided on whether to attend the festival maybe this will chnage your mind. Here's 5 reasons on why you should'nt miss the first edition of LIC India.


1. Ultimate Paint Blasts 


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There will be about 1,90,000 litres of paint sprayed from the stage onto the audience using water cannons. Be rest assured there will be zones where you will be safe from the paint blasts. The paint is 99% water-based, latex-free, odourless, and is safe for the your body & will come off easily. The paint will also not leave any stains on your clothes, so you can enjoy the bouts of color whole heartedly.


2. World-Class Production


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The foremost Life In Color events began in 2007 on college campuses in Florida, USA. The founders of the event quickly realized that they were sitting on something that needed to be spread throughout the world and so quickly established Life In Color to become a world-class production and promotion company that tours internationally. Although their annual flagship event is still held in Miami, the Life In Color tour appears in over 50+ cities across over 30 countries around the world. More than 250,000 tickets get sold annually and with each ticket sold, the Life In Color team reaps all the experience that they can in order to make the next event bigger and better. When you arrive for their premier event in India, it is without a doubt that the organizers will give you an international event experience that you will surely enjoy with all your friends. With aerial acts dishing out Cirque Du Soleil-type performances, confetti and pyro lasers, this one is definitely not to be missed. Not to forget the paint walls for the graffiti loving audience.


3. Superstar Line-Up


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Multiple DJs have grazed the stages at Life in Color all over the world. While the paint will color your clothes, the DJ’s job is to color your heart and soul through their music while you dance your night away. The India edition will be welcoming 5 of the best names in the game. In addition to Diplo – who recently was announced as the main headliner of the Miami edition  – DJ 4B, Divine, Ritviz and Smokey will also be making sure that the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Grounds gets a hard hitting shakeup. You can anticipate a strong headbanging show from all of these artists. Make sure your body is fully ready to dance like there is no tomorrow! Here’s the setlist so make sure you come nice and early.



SMOKEY - 4:30pm to 5:30pm

RITVIZ - 5:30pm to 6:50pm

DIVINE- 7pm to 7:45pm

DJ 4B  - 7:55 to 8:45pm 

DIPLO- 8:50 to 10pm


4. Family Friendly Frolic


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It has been a while since New Delhi had a large-scale color festival, and with the long break after Holi, comes a lot of pent up energy from all the party people that are looking for their fix. As the first event in a while, expect everyone in attendance in the crowd to be letting loose like one big family. There will be jumping, there will be grinding, there will be twerking – there is so much locked up energy in New Delhi right now that this event will surely unlock. Welcome to the paint jungle!


5. 360 Degree Entertainment


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Without a doubt, some shopping and food won’t hurt nobody. Don’t forget to check out the grub and flea market with stalls like Dominos, Burger King, Keventers, Accessories & Party Prop  inside the venue.

The time has come for the music, the color, the people, and the surroundings to come together as one and really explode into rainbows when each DJ drops their beats. Bring your friends and family as this is the time for you to create the memories that will last a lifetime and fuel the fire within once again. After 12 years of painting over 30 countries, the world's largest paint party ‘Life In Color’ –  is finally coming to  India. The unique festival will be held on the 18th November 2018 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi. With the concept being entirely new to India, there are reasons to wonder what kind of epicness team Life In Color will be bringing with them to showcase on the day.

GA tickets are INR 2,000 and VIP tickets are INR 3,000. You can get your tickets HERE

BY Willis Rosario

NEWS / 8 months