Eric Prydz creates a beautiful track as dedication to a fallen fan!

Eric Prydz – An artist who is probably the most loved act in the Dance Music Industry has given us one more reason to get those tissues out. This time it’s not just the music that makes the fans cry, it’s the story behind it. As all you Prydz fans might remember, a couple of weeks back one of Eric’s die hard fan James Lillo’ who was fighting the battle against Terminal Cancer wanted his last wish to be fulfilled. And that wish was to watch his favourite musician, Eric Prydz perform Live.

For those who are unaware, James was a die hard Eric fan and was very active on Eric’s Reddit forum too. His dying wish was to see his favorite act live. Eric did grant him his wish and agreed to perform one last show for him. Sadly James could not make it that far and left all of us. Eric was very saddened to hear this and announced not only 1 but 2 shows at Sound Nightclub in honor of James and decided to donate the proceeds to cancer research. Needless to say Eric did bring out his emotions of James passing away and created a beautiful track which he debuted at Sound Nightclub. The track is known as LILLO ID3 with beautiful melodies and emotions which can be heard in the production. This track moved us to tears, especially in the context of the show. Lillo may have passed but this track will make him smile up in the heavens. 

Listen to the beautiful track recorded by a fan at Sound Nightclub here :

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